Retiree Travel

OK, now you have a list of sites to help you book a trip and find places to stay, along with information to maximize your travel experience.

For this update I have two additional topics that can be important:
  • Staying healthy and what to do if you become ill in a foreign country
  • Staying safe while traveling, alone or as a couple or group

I'm sick. Now what?

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Hopefully none of this scares you away from exploring our wild, wonderful world. If you need a nudge:

Here are 17 reasons why travel is good for you

and, if you are a solo traveler, how about  * 71 reasons to travel alone

There are three basic stages of retirement: Go-Go, Slow-Go, and No-Go. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, these labels refer to the effect that time, health, interests, and finances have on how we approach our days. As we age, our energy and even desire to travel undergoes adjustments. 

During the first two stages, many retirees list travel as an important part of their satisfying retirement. We have the energy and desire to explore beyond our own backyard.

For some that means trips to Europe, Asia, or Africa. Others realize there is so much to see in our own country that the call of the open road is strong. 

Whatever type of adventure calls you, I have gathered some excellent articles from websites and blogs that will help feed your travel beast! 

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One of the benefits of retirement is the ability to travel on our schedule. No longer must we wait for our annual two week break from work. Sure, we can take trips during the summer, but then so does everyone else, making for crowded roads, airports, and destinations. 

If the budget and interest exists, travel to somewhere that is not home can happen whenever we'd like it to. That might involve a spur of the moment decision, or a definite plan that covers a good part of the upcoming year.

Here is a list of websites to get your travel juices flowing. This includes booking trips, hotels, and flights, last minute deals, and comparison sites that allow you to find the best deals:

Booking Buddy



Trip Advisor


Travel Zoo

Groupon Getaways

Cheap Tickets Deals of the Week


Costco Travel (members only)

Vacation Rentals

Home Exchange


Last Minute Travel



VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner)





Once you have that dream trip booked, here is an infographic on how to pack! Thanks to the folks at NeoMam Studios: 8 helpful packing tips.