The Ultimate Retirement Resources Guide

Think about your retirement and all sorts of possibilities, problems, and thoughts might pop into your mind. Luckily, the Internet has enough resources to answer most everything, sometimes correctly!

To save you some time, and with just a little bit of exaggeration in the title, I have put together this Really Big Retirement Resources Link Guide. Here you will find direct links to some web sites and resources, grouped by category. These listings don't serve as a personal endorsement, but appear on several lists of the "best" in each category.

Hopefully, this will save you some time and point you to places to start getting the information you seek. Most of these sites have links to other places that provide more information or a different perspective. I encourage you to get as much input as you can, then make your own decisions and choices.

If there is a web site you have found that isn't listed, please drop me a note and I will be glad to add it to this guide. 

Note: The guide from Caller Smart covers virtually everything that may concern you: Scammers, health questions, housing, discrimination, financial concerns are some of the topics covered.


Financial preparation, investments, and Second Career 


Housing and Living Choices

Time management and Lifestyle: What do I do all day?

7 ways to spend your days

Adjusting to retirement

Overcoming mental challenges of retirement

What retirees say retirement is really like  (article by me on Next Avenue web site)

The Retirement problem: What to do with all that time?

Creating good routines

So, you are retired: What do you do all day?  (read all the comments for lots of ideas)

How to live a purposeful life after retirement

Travel (Post-Covid)