Would You Like Personalized Retirement Advice?

One of the elements of this blog I love the most is the feedback and active involvement of the readers. Comments, emails, retweets, everything that shows someone is finding something of value here.

Over the past 8+ years I have become more involved with a few select folks, those who had a problem or situation that required a more personal touch. We had a series of back-and-forth emails to help them find the best path forward. Sometimes these exchanges lasted just a few weeks, other times they stretched over a few months.

I have been away from this more intensive involvement for a while, but the time seems right to extend the offer again. This is an absolutely free, no obligation offer of help to a select group of readers.

Could you be one of them?

Do you have a problem or situation about any aspect of retirement, before or during, that has you losing sleep or worried? Do you wonder which of a few decisions might be best for you? Do you want a sounding board?

Here is my offer:

* Send me an email (satisfyingretirement@gmail.com)  Put: Help in the subject line.

* In a few paragraphs summarize what is bothering you or what aspect of retirement you'd like my help and opinions.

* Include your first name and age.

That's it. I will read over all emails that come in over the next several weeks. I will respond to all emails and offer you my best advice based on your summary of your concern.

If I think you and I would benefit from a more extensive back-and-forth I will invite you to extend the email relationship. Again, no obligation and no cost.

I look forward to what we can do together.