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While thousands of blogs focus exclusively on the financial aspects of retirement, here you will find a blend of information and insight on all aspects of retirement: relationship-strengthening, finding your passions, time management, health and healthy living, aging issues and solutions, as well as financial guidance.

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From our Money Magazine interview
I am a happily-married (40+ years) retired guy living in Arizona. I have 2 grown daughters who both live in the Phoenix area. I have three adorable grandkids. My Mom died in December 2010, and my Dad left us in early March of 2015.

I was a rock and roll DJ, then researcher and consultant to radio stations all over the country. It was a fascinating career but meant spending many days away from home and flying 100,000 miles a year. Trust me, retirement is much better!

I started blogging in June 2010 as a way to write and push myself to learn something new. Satisfying Retirement expressed how I felt about my journey through this next stage of my life.

My focus is on living a life full of purpose and joy - in short, a Satisfying Retirement journey. While retirement remains the focus, there will be times you will find my thoughts on all aspects of life as we move through this time of life together.

Comment on a particular post or write me using the e-mail address above. I learn as much as I share from that type of feedback. You can also give me ideas for future posts, which I can always use.

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