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From our Money Magazine interview
I am a happily-married (39 years) retired guy living in Arizona. I have 2 grown daughters who both live in the Phoenix area. I have three adorable grandkids. My Mom died in December 2010, and my Dad left us in early March of 2015.

I was a rock and roll DJ, then researcher and consultant to radio stations all over the country. It was a fascinating career but meant spending many days away from home and flying 100,000 miles a year. Trust me, retirement is much better!

I started blogging in June 2010 as a way to write and push myself to learn something new. Satisfying Retirement expressed how I felt about my journey through this next stage of my life.

Now, I am turning my focus on writing about living a life full of purpose and joy - in short, a Satisfying Journey. While retirement will be a subject that is still addressed, I am just as interested in exploring all aspects of life as we move through this time of life together.

I encourage...actually urge you to leave comments on the blog or write me using the e-mail address above. I learn as much as I share from that type of feedback. You can also give me ideas for future posts, which I can always use.

My e-book, Living a Satisfying Retirement, remains as an instant download from Amazon. Click this link to go directly to the page. If you don't have a Kindle reader, you can download the book to your computer with a free reader, available right here.

Welcome to this fresh approach to my blog. Please visit often and become a friend.


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