Book Review: Facebook For Seniors

With almost 2 billion active users every month, Facebook is a social media monster. Put aside for now the recent discussion of fake news and focus on the size and impact it has in the lives of so many of us. 77% of all Americans who use the Internet are involved with Facebook. Would it surprise you to know 48% of those of us 65+ use it regularly, too? 

Facebook for Seniors is a new book to help us get the most out of this powerful site. I was sent a copy for review, and can report I am pleased with the presentation.

Immediately, I noticed, and appreciated, the larger type face used throughout the book. The smallish print (at least for aging eyes!) in most books makes reading more difficult. That is not a problem here.

Each of the twelve chapters goes progressively deeper into all the uses of Facebook. If you are just beginning, then the first five lessons (chapters) are what you need to get started. If you already know the basics skip ahead to chapters about joining Groups, posting Events, or Chatting with others online. The way the book is structured you can progress as far as you want to and stop. Later, pick up where you left off to use more of what Facebook offers.

Throughout each chapter are activities and exercises that allow you to practice the information just presented. Screenshots and graphics help you every step of the way. At the very end of the book is a section entitled Solutions that helps you with each of the activities if you get stuck. 

Everyone needs to read Lesson 12 about privacy and security. Protecting yourself from those who might want to do you harm because you have shared too much private information or by making it too easy for bad people to break into your account are part of our inner-connected world today.

Computer criminals will attempt to hack into almost anything on the Internet. Yahoo just announced 1 billion accounts were compromised. Within the last few years Home Depot and Target, among other companies, have suffered major computer hacks. The news about Russians and the 2016 election is hard to miss. Facebook for Seniors provides you with the specific steps you can take to minimize your risks. 

As with all printed books about programs on the Internet, expect to find some differences in layout and language from the book when you start with Facebook. The company updates and tweaks things constantly, so something you are looking for may not be exactly where the book says it is.  This is a common problem, but one you will be able to overcome.

Bottom line: for beginning users, those with some familiarity with how Facebook works, and others who are ready to learn about new capabilities, Facebook For Seniors is a good addition to your home library.

Satisfying Retirement was provided with a free copy of the book for review purposes, but no additional compensation.