September 27, 2021

A Quick Visual Trip to Kauai

Betty and I just returned from a ten-day visit to Kauai. We had a long-awaited opportunity to meet up with blogging friends, Laura and Brett, The Occasional Nomads. And, we finally had the chance to see the radio station in Lihue we became investors in over two years ago. 

The condo was no more than 100 feet from the ocean, with a picture-perfect view every day from the patio and living room. Unlike some rentals we have experienced, this one was exactly as pictured on the VRBO website. Air-conditioned and well maintained for an older complex made it a joy. Considering how bad Kauai traffic is, just as important was being within a short walk of several restaurants, stores, and a small grocery store.

As I work on the relaunch of Satisfying Retirement in a somewhat different direction, I thought I should share some of the thousand photos we snapped.


With Laura & Brett, The Occasional Nomads

At Star 94.3 

The last night gave us the perfect ending to a fabulous trip

September 10, 2021

Hello? Are You Still Here?

Since I stopped writing new posts a few months ago I have noticed two things:

1) An average of 300 people a day still visit, some days actually have over 1,000. I assume to check out all the material in the archives. Frankly, I am amazed that such a steady stream of readers continue to click on this site.

2) I miss writing and exchanging ideas and thoughts with you. After eleven years, I have pretty much exhausted all I have to say about the nuts and bolts of retirement. A few days ago I looked closely at the posts in the archives to see if there were topics I had not given proper attention to, but that wasn't the case. It seems to me that every stage of retirement and relevant aspects had been covered.

Of course, my life and yours aren't just defined by how we manage the retirement journey. Many of us will spend 20, even 30 years after work ends, living our lives. We will continue to learn and explore, make mistakes and enjoy successes, and have reactions to what is happening in the world around us. Relationships will end or start. Families will still be part of our lives, either to our benefit or our consternation.

What this means is I can begin writing about things that pique my interest or cause me to furrow my eyebrows in amazement or disgust. I can share thoughts about my life that happen, not necessarily because I am retired, but because I am still continuing my journey.

Obviously, I hope that my observations, thoughts, or questions resonate with you. They will make you think, respond with a comment, or cause you to delve a little deeper into a subject I have written about.

While it is hard to live in America at this stage in our history and completely avoid politics, or what is referred to as the culture war, that will not be my focus. Yes, when something is so important and can directly affect us I will share some thoughts. But, if you want a place with partisan rants, go to any number of social media sites. That need will not be satisfied here.

My wife and I are headed out on a vacation. After having everything canceled in 2020 and for the first half of this year, we just feel we must escape the routine of our day-to-day schedule for a bit.

When I return I will start writing new posts. The Satisfying Retirement name will probably change a bit to reflect a different direction, but the website will remain right where it is. To sample my fresh take on things, just continue to come here.

No firm promise, but early October seems like a reasonable target for me to be back up and running.

Google no longer offers email alerts, but I did keep all the addresses that were here previously, so I will make arrangements to bring that service back.

So, for all those who predicted I couldn't stay away forever, you are correct. The last three months have been a refreshing and necessary break. Even so, my mind and fingers need to become re-engaged.

Stay safe and healthy (get the vaccine and wear your masks, please!). I will see you soon.