December 18, 2020

Family Break Time - So An Early Merry Christmas!

As you read this, our family is in Flagstaff spending time together. We are away from thoughts of pandemics, politics, bills, jobs, school, and anything else that might put a damper on this season of the year. I am reminding myself why I am not a big fan of below-freezing temperatures.

We are not running away from our problems; we are very aware of the real world that isn't stopping so we can get off. We are counting our blessings to be able to do what too many of us can't: enjoy family time together with our only focus on games, good movies, and meals shared with each other. We are building memories that will last a lifetime. We are giving our grandkids the gift of uninterrupted attention and love while we can.

So, I will be taking a longer break until the next post. We aren't taking computers, and cell service is spotty! Comments on this post have been disabled since I may not have much time to respond.

Our focus will be on the eight of us (plus two dogs) sharing time and love at the "most wonderful time of the year."

Look for a fresh post on December 26th, the day after Christmas.

In the meantime, the very best to you and those you love.