May 21, 2020

: When The Tide Goes Out You See Who’s Swimming Naked.

(Spoiler alert: if you believe the current administration is doing a good job, or has been unfairly attacked by the media and/or liberals, this is a post I suggest you skip. It contains my personal, strong opinions. Comments have been turned off since you will either agree with me or suggest I jump off a cliff.)

Warren Buffett was right.

His well known quote implies that you can fake it for awhile, deceive people for a time, and get away with something until the retreating tide reveals something you would rather remain hidden. Eventually, the Emperor is shown to not be wearing any clothes. Smoke screens and deception only work for so long. "I take no responsibility" is a bill that comes due.

It is hard to accept, but easy to believe, that CDC guidelines, developed by qualified scientists and doctors for safely reopening the country, was shelved by the current administration. Instead, a 6 page, watered down version was released. I assume the theory is if we do not tell folks what the real risk are, the restart of the economy will be more robust and rapid. That would play well for the election narrative, until the infection and death toll starts to skyrocket again. Of course, then, the governors can be blamed for moving too quickly and not following the "rules" in the hidden report.

In a deeply ironic twist, the people who advise wearing face masks do not do so. Surprise, surprise, Covid-19 is now inside the White House. Even so, a recent meeting of 20 "leaders," showed only the reporters properly protected. The odds are quite good that some of the politicians sitting with the president, seen wiping their noses on their hands before touching microphones, sitting and gathering much closer than the range of the infection, will become ill. But, never fear. One of these stalwart guys has already said if someone gets sick it is because of the media presence (the ones wearing masks).

We are told that vaccines are not really required: the virus will eventually die out and simply go away, probably right after the election. Even so, the pressure to develop an "unneeded" vaccine continues. Of course, these are the same fine folks who told us this is nothing more than a flu, and maybe 15 people will wait, 30,000, hold it, 40,000, well maybe 60,000....certainly not 2 million! Things are under control. And, it is China's fault anyway.

Great Depression levels of unemployment, a majority of Americans refusing to start "regular" contact even as things slowly reopen. Wait: it's the Governors' fault for shutting everything down. Didn't they realize we were just kidding with that whole social distancing thing? Our people want to be Liberated to get sick, infect others, and have some die. We value our freedom to act irresponsibly and put our personal needs above others.

I am very aware that the shutdown has devastated our economy. The impact will take many months, or probably years, to be moderated. To restart the businesses in this country (and around the world) is very important. But, in the rush to do so without enough testing, we run a tremendous risk of bringing on a new outbreak sickening and killing thousands more of us. 

In one of the newest conspiracy theories to emerge, a doctor claims, with zero supported evidence, that many of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 are actually for other reasons. Of course, the reality is far different: the reported Covid-19 deaths are much more likely to be badly underreported; those deaths occured months before anyone was even aware of what coronavirus was. But, no matter, State TV (Fox) and other wacky folks grabbed on this assertion as proof that the disease was really around to harm people politically, not to just kill them.

I could continue, but you get the frightening picture. The people we elect to help keep us safe, do what is necessary to combat an enemy, tell us the truth always and put the country's best interests above their own, are naked beneath the water. 

Unfortunately, we are the ones exposed.