November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Across America now is the time we gather with friends and family and give thanks for our blessings. This is my ninth Thanksgiving as a blogger, so it seems appropriate to take this time to give public thanks for your readership over the years and blessing of such a supportive community.

In today's polarized and divisive world, I know I am lucky to have such a positive group of folks who read and comment, with politeness and grace, even if disagreeing with me or someone else. Trust me, my need to delete very few comments over the course of a year is not all that usual anymore; bloggers I have known have been forced to eliminate all comments because of all the spam or hate. Others have given up and moved on to something less public.

Of course, a heartfelt thanks for my wife of 43  years, my two beautiful daughters, and my three grandkids. They make my life worth living. They make me want to be a better man and a better human. Every day is brighter because of them.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  1. Happy thanksgiving right back at you! Hope you get to spend the day doing what you enjoy the most with the people you love the most.

  2. Bob, the tone of tolerance and respect that you've set make this blog a delightful place to visit and a comfortable place to share. Thanks for your efforts and for your dedication to your readers. Best wishes to you, Betty and your family for a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from us expats in Europe!

  4. Best wishes to you, Betty, your extended family, and all your many readers. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  5. So happy that I chanced upon your blog about a year ago. Your thoughts and ideas are right on, as far as living a good life. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Bob (and family!) I'm grateful for your words of wisdom whenever I read them.


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