June 10, 2019

Nine Years and Counting!

Today, June 10th, marks the ninth anniversary of Satisfying Retirement. Over 3.3 million views, in excess of 1,000 post...I am as surprised as anyone I am still at this! 

So, just a thank you for your support, comments, ideas, and constructive criticism that has made this process a creative joy.

I must add that the civility and graciousness of the vast majority of blog comments and emails means I haven't had to go to more restrictive  procedures or spend too much time deleting spam and hate messages. In today's blogosphere that is no small thing.

If you are so inclined, I'd love to read any comment you care to leave. What are your favorite parts of this blog, and what could you live without? Are there any posts that have stuck with you over the years, posts that helped you over a retirement hurdle of some kind?

Bottom line: thanks for 9 years. The tenth year of Satisfying Retirement has begun!

With fondest feelings,

Bob (and my wife of almost 43 years, Betty)


  1. Congratulations, Bob! This milestone and the numbers that accompany it reflect well upon the quality of your content and your ability to engage your readers.

    My favorite posts involve finance and travel, due more to my background and passions than anything else. Your posts, whether they're thought provoking or just plain fun, are always interesting and draw a variety of comments from your readers; I find the different perspectives intriguing. You've built a great community here, and I was happy to see you return after your sabbatical. Your efforts (and Betty's endurance of them) are very much appreciated!

  2. Bob,
    Sorry to learn you have to take a moment of your precious time to deal with hate messages. I'm a long time reader and have probably sent a dozen messages over the nine years. I very much enjoy your posts. Keep it up.

  3. Thank you for your service. I started reading your blog before my retirement four years ago. You have been very helpful avoiding the pitfalls of retirement. One aspect of your blog that I could live without is the photos of you and Betty on vacation. I hesitate to admit it, but I get envious when others talk about their vacations. I had a lot of travel plans when I retired, but my wife's health has precluded those plans, and I don't feel good when I'm reminded that I'm not able to go where others are going. I am grateful for my ability to keep myself mentally and physically active, and I thank you for your inspiration.

  4. Congratulations, Bob! I have really enjoyed your blog over the years, and it's been very helpful in my process of retirement - both before and after. The comment discussions are always interesting as well. Keep up the good work!

  5. Your blog is a wealth of information on retirement and life in general. Thanks for all the time and effort you put ino it. You were also kind enough to answer an email question I sent with a long and informative answer.

    Derek in Canada

  6. There isn't a part that I would choose to miss. Congrats on nine years!

  7. Congratulations Bob! As fellow blogger I KNOW the time and commitment it takes to keep one going for so long. I enjoy your perspective on so many things (even though I'm not even retired myself) so I keep reading. You tend to cover topics in a way that appeals to me. One of these days I hope we get a chance to meet IRL. Until then, happy blogging and happy Blogiversary! ~Kathy

  8. Woot! Nine YEARS and Over1000 posts? That is dedication to your site! Kudos to you!

  9. Congratulations!! I've been reading your blog for most of those years and you never disappoint. I admire your ability to keep it 'scheduled', which I am not very good at. I've posted my blog less this year than ever, mostly due to finishing the memoir but, you always keep going. I know you've helped many people who were preparing to retire and, that's something to be proud of. Keep it going, buddy!

  10. Congrats Bob, on nine great years. Your blog helped me a great deal in preparing for my own retirement. I now help to deliver pre-retirement seminars, and refer folks to your site for valuable advice.

  11. Bob, I like the fact that your lens is wider than most retirement writers, who tend to focus on money or travel or fitness. I sense that you're "thinking out loud" about what's on your mind at the moment rather than trying to please an audience (or sell ads!) Your thinking must resonate with lots of readers, though, or you would have abandoned this long ago.

    Thank you for your contribution to my life and learning, and onward to #10!

    1. A post often comes about because I read something in the morning paper or online and it spurs a thought: "This would make an interesting post." So, you are right. Sometimes I am just thinking out loud and it shows up here!

  12. Nine years? A wonderful accomplishment. Before my dear husband joined me in retirement last year, your musings and advice kept me company and gave me plenty of food for thought. I enjoy all your posts and even downloaded one of your books. We read it out loud and discussed different topics and how we felt about retirement. I love reading the comments and what people are doing with their retirement years. Health care, staying fit, hobbies, taking care of finances, travel, relationships with friends and family are all of interest to us. Thanks for being such a friendly presence in my life as well as the life of my best friend (husband).

  13. Hi, Bob,
    Hearty congratulations on your achievement. I know that nine years of blogging is not always easy, but it's obvious that you love and enjoy doing it. Best wishes for continued success. Joe

  14. I want to wish you congratulations on your Blogging milestone. Please know that you have touched many lives and helped many people. I am one of those people. You may recall it has been about four years since we connected and I was very concerned about the “retirement phase”. You and your reader’s comments helped me see it could be done in spite of the great unknown. Happily I have been retired for a bit over two years and all has worked out. Just as you had suggested it would. Thank you.

    So here’s wishing you as many more years of blogging as you feel fulfilling. My best to your bride and thank you for sharing your wisdom.