January 5, 2019

3 New Retirement Resources For The New Year

Look closely just above this post. Do you notice some new additions to the clickable links?

  • Frugal Retirement
  • Aging in Place Technology
  • Retiree Travel

Whenever I write about these three subjects, those posts never fail to generate extra views. They are subjects that we never grow tired of reading about, learning of new solutions to problems, or exchanging ideas.

As we start 2019, I am adding these topics as expanded additions to Satisfying Retirement. The regular posts on everything from financial well-being to relationships, health and medical concerns, how Social Security works, moving after retirement...all the stuff you have come to expect for the past (almost) nine years continues. 

Now you can find additional information on frugality, seniors and technology, and all the ins and outs of senior travel are just a click away.

What Should I expect? 

In each of the new sections you will find links to articles and websites that are worth reading. Photos and descriptions that help you identify and visualize something. There will be product reviews to help you when it is time to buy a new smartphone, television, or aging in place gadget to keep you safe and secure. 

I will provide checklists for helping you stay away from hackers and evil-doers on the Internet. Want to take a trip to somewhere new? The Travel section will have resources on everything from discount plane and hotel sites, whether travel insurance is necessary, and how to be sure you can stay in contact with family while thousands of miles from home.

Need to cut back because of the unnerving stock market gyrations? Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Have a tip you would love to share with others on how you keep your monthly grocery bill under $200? The Frugality section should be your stop.

How Often Will You Add New Information?

Each of these sections will continue to grow as I add new information and links. I hope to add fresh information at least once every few weeks. Please check back often. The newest material will appear first.

Of course, your comments, suggestions, and ideas will be used to guide me in what should be added in each section.


  1. Thanks for the info. I just put the Minimalist Home and The Joy of Less on reserve at the library after looking at the links under frugal retirement. Although I am always throwing things out and giving them away I still have too much stuff. People who move a lot don't seem to have this problem.

    1. I have moved over twenty times in my life. Trust me: stuff accumulates! It breeds in dark places and expands when exposed to air,light, or dark. Keeping our living space clutter free is an ongoing battle.

      I'm glad you found a few links helpful. I am already working on a refreshing with new information for that section. Look for more by the end of the the week.

  2. A great idea; we all need more info., more resources. What I should be looking at is the "Frugal Retirement" tab. But I think I'll wait on that until ... well, probably when my next visa bill arrives.

    1. Holiday bills have a way of focusing our attention.

  3. What a great and thoughtful idea, Bob. I'll make sure Dave reads it, since I leave most of this stuff up to him. ;)

    1. Sounds good. Hope your New Years day was safe and not too stressful (think government shutdown)