September 20, 2018

My Summer Goal is Complete

I began the summer with a goal: to produce three booklets that are focused on different aspects of retirement. I wanted them to be shorter than a full length book, so someone could read the material quickly and  begin to implement the suggestions. I wanted to keep the cost under $3.00.

Now, just as autumn begins that goal has been met. Preparing To Make The Most of Your Free Time After Retirement is now available on Amazon. A look at the Table of Contents shows the focus of this edition:

  • Adjusting to Time Together
  • What Do You Do all Day?
  • Can You Spend Part Of The Year Away From Family?
  • Preparing Your Home For an Extended Absence
  • Retirement Fulfillment: Are There Different Paths?
  • Free Time and Aging Well: Nine Things To Consider
  • Do You Ever Get Bored?
  • Maintaining a Balance In a Retirement Relationship
  • Simple Sizing
  • Easing Into Retirement
  • 5 Things We Can Stop Worrying About
  • Spirituality and Retirement
  • Grandparents and Establishing Limits
  • A Retire Builds His New Life
  • Taking The Time To Live
  • Retirement and Your Social Network
  • Why Spend Your Free Time in Retirement Being Average?

The two other booklets in the series include Preparing For Your Active Life After Retirement

and Preparing For Your Financial Future After Retirement. 


Each includes information taken from the posts of this blog, are somewhere between 44-55 pages and available as Kindle downloads.

If you enjoy this blog and find the information helpful to you, I ask you for a favor: consider purchasing one or more of these booklets. Besides containing solid advice that I trust you will find useful, you'd be helping to cover some of the costs associated with this blog, now in its 8th year. 

The various ads you see from other companies on the blog generate enough income for copy paper and printer ink! So, booklet sales are important.

If you do decide to buy and read one or more, I'd deeply appreciate a positive review on Amazon. They are very important to long term sales.

As Satisfying Retirement closes in on 3 million views, I am as dedicated today to providing actionable, experience-proven information and advice as when this started in 2010.

Thank you for your interest and support.