December 14, 2017

Retirement Roundup: Stories You May Have Missed

Every so often I will gather a few news stories that might interest you but could have escaped your attention when they first popped up on the Internet. For example:

* Old Age is a myth built around a premise that no longer has one definition. Places like The Villages, in Florida, are popular among lots of folks but they are  no longer the only choice.  Time magazine tackles the subject: The Is No Such Thing As Old Age Anymore

The Power of Continuous Learning is a short but useful article on the positive effects of keeping your brain active by learning new skills and pursuing new hobbies and opportunities.

* Early Retirees who don't have access to either Medicare or work-related health insurance are facing a very uncertain 2018. Even through Obamacare is still the law and early enrollment is open for another week, Washington has left things very much up in the air. This situation is creating unnecessary stress. Read about it here: Early Retirees Face Higher premiums and Uncertainty

*What is the best way to give financial gifts to your grown children? Next Avenue has these suggestions: 3 Ways To Give Money To Your Adult Kids

*Is the computer going to disappear from our homes? Some tech experts say, Yes. Devices like Amazon's Echo and ever-sophisticated smartphones will make desktop computers or laptops and tablets obsolete. Take a glimpse at one possible future: Life Without Computers

* There is so much to learn and do before and after retirement, you can't be blamed for overlooking something now and then. But, don't plan for these 4 facts of retirement life, and your journey could be bumpier than you want: 4 Retirement Issues You Probably Aren't Planning For

*Moving after retirement is a big deal. There are several factors to consider before deciding it is right for you. Here are 5 factors to think about: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Moving After Retirement