November 8, 2016

Today's The Day

To my American readers:

If you haven't already voted, then vote. Whatever you do, vote today. 

If you voted early, congratulations. You don't have to worry about long lines and unhappy people.

Watch, or don't watch the results tonight - they will be the same.

Wake up tomorrow with four thoughts:

1. It is over ( we hope!).

2. Tens of millions of your fellow countrymen will be very happy.

3. Tens of millions of your fellow countrymen will be very unhappy.

4. The sun will rise.

See you with a fresh post tomorrow. I have every confidence our world will still be here.


  1. Great post! Enough said.

  2. I voted two weeks ago. Anyway, as you say, despite all the hysteria, we should remember that democracy is a pretty solid system and that "tomorrow the sun will rise."

  3. I pray for a good outcome and respect and peace!

  4. Well stated, Bob. Let's be civil towards each other regardless of the outcome.

    Personally I want to see a divided government since both parties have shown that they will run roughshod over the wishes of most Americans if they have total control. Must have to do with the old "absolute power" adage that is as pertinent today as it was when first uttered.

  5. I'm surprised that so many Americans seem to feel that they just need to get on with things and accept someone whom many around the world see as an unacceptable incumbent as President. He has the potential to wreak havoc on issues such as climate change and nuclear weapons. We all as citizens of the world need to hold Trump to account for the things he says and does. Sad times.

    1. Sad and scary. 60 million of us decided to pick someone with zero experience and zero empathy. His interest in learning may be even lower. I can't seeing it end well.

      But, our system is intact and that says something.