August 12, 2016

Satisfying Retirement: Thank You For Your Help!!

The support, ideas, and cautions have been heard loud and clear. After the post last week, you have stepped up with your thoughts on what you like and what you aren't fond of from Satisfying Retirement, what I should add, and what changes I should make to the blog.

Obviously, I am very happy with the strong support that shines through the comments. It appears that the reasons I started the blog continue to be attractive and fulfilled.

I appreciate the cautions about the appeal of certain topics. Betty is tickled with your interest in more of her thoughts and photos. As her projects permit, she is anxious to be a more active partner on these pages. 

In summary, my response to your feedback:

1. I have absolutely no plans to discontinue Satisfying Retirement. The focus will remain on retirement in all its phases. Since there are 10,000 new retirees every single day in just the United States, and tens of thousands more around the world, the pool of new readers should be constantly refreshed.

2. To appeal to these new retirees, or those preparing to leave the workplace, I will probably revisit some of topics a little more often than regular readers may prefer, but that is necessary.

3. Financial-oriented posts are part of that mix, but you have made it clear that fewer is better. There are thousands of other retirement blogs that spent all their time on money issues. I should not.

4. Political topics or reactions should be avoided whenever possible. Occasionally, I may feel compelled to "rant" a bit. But, that will be the exception to what readers find here.

5. The sharing of parts of my personal stories, warts and all, are enjoyed and instructive. The mistakes and successes of my retirement decisions are helpful to you as you fashion your own journey. Maybe a series of posts on a single topic would be enjoyable. 

6. The civility and helpfulness of reader comments are key highlights of the blog. 

7. My wife's photos are enjoyed. Her thoughts and the female perspective on our 15+ years of retirement might be a nice addition to the blog.

8. Many readers have told friends about this blog, added it to their blogrolls, and helped "spread the word." For that I am eternally grateful. 

9. Using guest posts is something I have generally avoided in recent years, figuring readers came here for my thoughts. But, soliciting articles from other bloggers or readers could bring a freshness to the blog and some new ideas. The responses are mixed on this idea. I will tread lightly and see how an occasional guest post is received. 

10. A suggested topic about grandparents helping their adult children and grandkids sounds like a good topic to explore. Look for it. 

11. Another suggestion was to write a few posts on unconventional approaches to retirement: low income situations, unusual housing or living arrangements, and situations like the suggestion just above where retirees find themselves raising grandkids or still helping adult children. I'm on it.

12. I have always felt it important that I respond to all comments. If a reader takes the time to leave one, I will take the time to read it and respond. Frankly, the comments are one of my favorite parts of blogging. The interaction with others and the sense of community are important. 

13. Posting every 3 days seems to be about right. There were no complaints about that is too infrequent, which is good! That frequency fits my schedule well.

Again, thank you for your concern and support. Together we will continue to meet on these pages for inspiration, an occasional chuckle, and the experience-based advice you expect.


  1. It all sounds good to me! I don't know how you do 3 posts a week. I am in the midst of a few projects now and finding it hard to post weekly. But, it will all come together soon when the first draft is done on the memoir. Looking forward to your next phase!

  2. Bob, looking forward to your next posts. I'm sure between your post and the replies you receive this will continue to be a blog worth reading.

    1. Thank you, Gary. I am enjoying the process this year as much as I did when I first started the blog.

  3. Bob-
    My husband and I are planning our retirement and enjoy your purposeful, thoughtful, and practical observations and ideas. Thank you and look forward to your upcoming RV adventure. We learn from what you share. Thanks, HappyHappy

    1. What a great nickname= HappyHappy. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find our exchange of ideas helpful.