May 22, 2014

A Sedona Quickie

No, not THAT kind of quickie. This was a day trip from our home to the red rock beauty of Sedona to meet up with Mike and Tamara Reddy who were in the area during their 41 day trip through the southwest.

As you might remember from an earlier post, Betty and I joined them for a few days in Tucson as their RV trip began at the end of April. Now, their route took them north of us, but close enough to easily justify a two hour drive north for conversation, pizza, and wine by Oak Creek.

When Betty and I leave for our two and a half month jaunt in early July, one of our first stops will be in Kanab, Utah, just a stone's throw from Zion National Park. Guess who will be there just one week later? The Reddy's at the start of their 68 day trip through the Intermountain West!

One of the great things about RV travel (and blogging) are the friends you can make and reconnect with in some of the most beautiful locations in the country. This day trip to Sedona is a perfect example.

I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of one of the most dramatic places on earth.

The Four Amigos

Mike and Bob wandering off somewhere

Note: The wildfires that are still burning through Oak Creek Canyon as of today, Saturday, May 24,  have resulting in hundreds of homes and structures threatened and thousands evacuated. Close to 8,000 acres have been burned with the fire less than 10% contained. The only good news is the fire has been contained to the west side of the canyon and is burning away from Sedona.

Summer fires in Arizona, California, and virtually all western states are common occurrences and can change plans and lives in an instant. 


  1. Sedona should certainly be one of the seven wonders of the world, in my book.We spend time there every summer hiking favorite trails, enjoying the Indian Buffet lunch and meditating in the red rocks..I hope and pray the firefighters can contain the fire! You and Betty look entirely comfortable as RV-ers!! I foresee much more of this in your future! Can't wait for your summer posts,Bob.

    1. Away from the main downtown area that is overrun with tourist buses during the peak season, Sedona remains quiet and beautiful. The RV park shown in the pictures is right along Oak Creek and across from Tlaquepaque...a perfect setting.

  2. Greetings from Paso Robles!

    As our travels take us further from home, we are learning that weather away from the West coast is much wilder than we are used to. We are also beginning to understand why full time RV'ers don't make plans terribly far out - as your post indicates, changing weather conditions can quickly upend plans.

    So far on this current trip we've encountered high winds and hard hail, and just dodged some snow. Dodging the Sedona wildfire was just dumb luck, but I can assure you the occasional sound of fire engines over the three days we were there always stopped me in my tracks. With only a few ways in and out of town, and only one that was efficient with regard to getting to our next stop, we were very aware of the vulnerability being in Sedona represented. What a beautiful place though!

    1. You survived Las Vegas...not always an easy task.

      Living in Phoenix, Betty and I make the same comment about the weather: we just don't get any. There are no hurricanes, mud slides, earthquakes, wildfires (in town), tornadoes (OK, one every 4-5 years), or snow. The price we pay for calm weather is summer time heat, but that is a tradeoff we are willing to make. With an RV even that can be avoided.

      If we had come to visit you a day later you would have been stuck, and we would have been stuck in a 4 hour traffic jam on I-17 because of a fire south of Sedona. We always travel with extra water and snacks just in case.

      Enjoy wine country and one of the nicest RV parks we've been to.

  3. Is Sedona still an artist's colony? When I was an undergrad my roommate's father was an artist who lived in Sedona. He sold HUGE paintings of Western scenes to Texas banks for them to hang on their walls. I stayed a week at their "mansion." Impressive environment

    1. Yes, very much so. The main streets are lined with galleries. Now, it is just as well as the center of alternative healing, crystals, and healing vortexes, if you are into that kind of thing.

  4. Love Sedona. Got my Blue Apatite crystal sitting right next to my computer ... "to enhance expression and creativity ... stimulate development of clairvoyance and bring knowledge by clearing mental confusion."