February 3, 2014

Top Google Searches In 2013

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a series of pages on Google: the top searched terms and events in 2013 for all sorts of categories. It became apparent that I am not as far out of the loop as I thought I would have been in some categories, but without a clue in others. 

So, what were some of the top searches on the Internet last year? Here is a sampling to help you determine if you are a closet 'hipster."

People: Here I did OK. I recognized eight of the top ten names. I do not know why I should know Mindy McCready or Amanda Bynes.

Events: Nine out of 10 rang a bell. I gather Mayweather vs. Canelo involves two fighters but watching two men smash each other with gloves doesn't do it for me.

Most Searched People: Who is Drake? What did Selena Gomez or Katy Perry do to deserve my attention?

Athletes: I recognize only three of the top 10 names.

Celeb Pregnancies: Once past Kate Middleton, I have no idea.

Celeb Breakups: 1 out of ten registers, and a giant yawn for the rest.

Dance Moves: I have heard of one of them: Gangnam Style, but I thought that was a big deal in 2012.

Reality TV Stars: Zero out of 10, a total air ball for me.

Songs: Another zip for 10.

Video games: Another in the Grand Theft Auto series rings a bell. The other nine? No idea.

TV Series Finales: I have seen a few episodes of Breaking Bad and heard of Dexter but the rest mean nothing (since I don't watch current TV).

I am not bothered that I did poorly in several of the categories that were most important to so many people. Frankly, if I knew the top 10 dances or celebrity breakups of 2013 I'd have a reassess how I am spending my time.

So, how do you think you'd do? Test yourself by clicking here for the full report.


  1. I know I would do terribly. I am past the time in my life that I have to know what all the "beautiful" people are doing. I am too busy with my own life to be influenced by that stuff. I want to be aware of what is happening in the world....too many important events and needful issues in the world to focus on rather the other things.
    I am sure if my grandchildren were asked they would say that Grandma is "out of the loop"....but I prefer not to be Loopy....LOL!

    1. Our society's fascination with celebrities and their lives and loves is something I just don't get. And "reality TV?" Come on, that stuff is about as far away from reality as one can get.

      Looking at these lists does give a decent snapshot at our culture and what the majority of Google users see as worthy of attention. That fact is scary.

  2. Didn't take the test--I recognize almost NO ONE in PEOPLE magazine anymore so that probably answers most of these questions.I am, however, a news junkie and check CNN,Huffington Post and ABC news local a few times daily.Can't help it. I like knowing what is gong on in the world even if it is not always pleasant.. I don't WATCH news..too violent and biased by the silly looking newscasters who forgot how to groom themselves and use good grammar! MAKES ME NUTS! By READING my news I can quit if the descriptions exceed what I need to know!! I'm with Linda--Hollywood does not fascinate me at all.Give me a few good movies a year and I'm happy. What they do and who they scr... woops--is none of my business.. This year I will be using my search time on NATIONAL PARKS,BOONDOCKING SITES, etc.. there is a BIG WIDE WORLD OUT THERE!!!!!!!!! P.S. Our retirement party was great.Ken is still in OCD mode from work.. hope that calms down as he sinks into retirement.. Me..I AM THERE.

    1. The world is so much richer if we look beyond the normal, isn't it! I would much rather read how to modify the RV or find an art film playing at the Camelview 5 than waste my time on most of popular culture.

      The last post is a great example of us all helping each other: I have enough suggestions for things to read to keep me going for years!

      A sincere congrats on the FINAL end of work for the Kasian household.

  3. You are W A Y out of touch. Tich. Tich. How about the top five Beatles (Disco, Elvis, or other earlier genre) songs?

    1. Probably.

      Was it just me or did anyone understand any of the words being sung by Bruno Mars during the Super Bowl halftime show?

  4. Well, I guess I am much more up on current culture and events than I thought. I knew all the people and all the events. With regards to Mindy, I'm assuming country music is not on your radar. I listed to all music, including new music (yes rap and hip hop too) which is why I knew most of the songs and all the people. I refuse to be my parent in that regard. Skyfall is a favorite and I do like Adele very much.

    I did understand Bruno's lyrics and know the song but I do wish the Chili Peppers had sung more than one quick song. I knew he names of the reality shows, but I only watch the Amazing Race and Top chef.

    On the other hand, on some other lists, I did know all the authors and all the books (and have read most). I did know all the athletes and all he football (soccer to you) teams and players. I have a watched all of the trending TV shows except the new girl (just finished re-watching game of thrones) I know all the whiskeys (bowing). I know all the US governors.

    However, I know few of the toys, only half of the restaurants (shameful for a food snob), no kids tv to speak of or, jewelery brands ( sick with what I know), no famous internet animals,no DJs,, and very few dance moves (to my knowledge the YMCA are the hand moves one does to the song, most often done in aerobic classes these days)

    1. I'm with Barb - I love current music, and always have. And I actually really, really like and respect Katy Perry and her lyrics. Really listen to them - they are aimed at those among us, particularly teens, who don't feel they fit in.

      One of the most powerful songs I've heard recently, given to me by my 20-something daughter, is Macklemore's 'Same Love.' What a powerful song, and kudos to those coming up behind us for tackling such a major issue. I was honored that my daughter knew I could handle, and would embrace, the song.

  5. I haven't taken that test but I think you might have scored more than I would. Don't know, don't care seems to be my motto.

    1. Reminds me of the Jimmy Buffett lyrics, "Not sure if it is ignorance or apathy, but I don't know and I don't care.

  6. Well, Bob, you're more with it than I am ... I couldn't even find the test!

  7. Although I know a lot of the answers superficially just because I am bombarded with the headlines on the web, I would consider lack of knowledge of these topics to be a badge of honor, not something to apologize for. You are the better person for not knowing most of this junk, Bob.

  8. Like Madeline, I'm a news junkie. I watch ABC news, stay current with HuffPo and so many other news feeds online. I've found others I enjoy on facebook, too. Music I've slipped on a bit. My son keeps me current on some new stuff, but his tastes and mine aren't as simpatico as they used to be. I discovered Macklemore on the Grammy's and love Same Love. But doubt I'll buy it. Altho iTunes makes it easy to add one song and not have to buy the album.
    As for reality TV...The Voice, American Idol, that sort of competition I'll get into, but housewives??? puhleez. So much is just garbage anymore.


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