December 25, 2021

A Time For Us All To Pause

Whatever your religious or secular tradition at this time of year, the best wishes to you and your loved ones come from me and my family.

Beyond the hype, the money spent, the rushing about, and the inevitable letdown after the day or period passes, I hope you can feel a  spirit of love and connectedness to the greater community of human beings.

Whatever your present situation you are part of a larger family with many similar concerns. At this time of year, my wish for you is to find peace and contentment.

Even with the last two years beings ones with more than their fair share of challenges, I enter the new year with a fresh sense of optimism, misplaced though it may be! 

My Satisfying Retirement will be taking a brief, end-of-year break. Look for a fresh post to kick off 2022 on January 1st.


  1. Thanks, Bob. To you, and yours and everyone, all the best wishes. Looking forward to a better year ahead.

    Rick in Oregn

  2. Hope your Christmas was a relaxing time of fellowship with those you love.

    Happy Boxing Day and Cheers to a fabulous healthy amazing 2022 :-)

  3. Looking forward to another year of being your blog buddy! Happy New Year to you and Betty.

  4. This is one of the best retirement blogs!! Thanks and Happy New Year!