November 27, 2013

Time for Thanksgiving and Family

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family, friends, and a heartfelt thanks for all our blessings. It is a time to enjoy a special meal, maybe a football game, sleeping late, and remembering how far we have come on life's journey.

It is a time for me to thank those who have viewed satisfying retirement blog almost one million times since it began in June of 2010.

It is a time for me to thank my regular readers.

It is a time to thank all those who leave comments, send me e-mails, or just let me know they are there.

It is time for me to turn off the computer and join the family.

A new post will be here on Friday.

Give thanks!



  1. Back at you Bob. Thanks for coming into my home with your insightful posts...even if I don't always agree.....they always make me think and ponder the subject. Thanks for sharing your experiences and your vision with all of us. Enjoy your family and have a peaceful Thanksgiving. Cindy

  2. And thanks to you Bob for giving us your insightful, informational and sometimes inspiring blog. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. A happy and safe Thanksgiving to you, Betty, and your extended family, as well as to all the fellow bloggers on this site.

  4. Cari in North TexasWed Nov 27, 05:27:00 PM MST

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I have been away from your blog for awhile (darn work getting in the way of the fun stuff) but I'm using this weekend to catch up. I appreciate your insights into this brave new world of retirement, as well as your comments and stories about how you are living a 'satisfying retirement.'

  5. Our best to you and yours today, Bob.