September 30, 2013

Just Published - My Latest Book Contribution

You are right, I am not 70. In fact, I am six years away from that milestone. Even so, the publishers of "Things To Do When You Turn 70" asked me to contribute an essay. This is the same company that included me as be part of the "65 Things To Do When You Turn 65" series, one of which the Wall Street Journal picked as one of the top retirement books of 2012.

This book has just been published. In fact I received my copy just a few days ago. The description on provides as excellent summary of this latest in the series of books made up of essays from a wide range of folks:

The contributors include a wide diversity of people 70+ who have taken on exciting challenges and have found fun, intriguing, and surprising ways to make their lives rewarding. 70 Things to Do When You Turn 70 features such luminaries as world-renowned poet Nikki Giovanni, American Book Award-winning author Gary Zukav, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Elaine Madsen, and the acclaimed writer Daniel Klein.  All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to cancer research and prevention.

Like the first two books in this series I am honored and happy to be included. If you are in the market for an excellent overview of what your 70's may look like I ask that you consider a purchase. Again, all the writers contributed their writing for free, and all profits go to cancer research.

There is a nice nod to my essay in the introduction. You will find the full article starting on page 69. Thank you, Sellers Publishing, and thanks to you, my blog readers, for all your support over the years.


  1. Congratulations on being published on the 69 th page of your 70's :) you should have asked for p. 63! You are one of the best "retirement writers" out there.. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you. It's a good idea, and I love their charity contribution.