September 4, 2013

Join Me Thursday For My First Webinar

Note: I understand there was a problem with the first 10-11 minutes of this interview. People on the phone heard music instead of the conversation. I am sorry you missed the first few questions and answers because of a technical glitch. For those who joined later and heard the interview, thanks for your time and interest.

I will be re-doing the part of the interview that was lost. A recording of the entire 50 minute conversation will be available soon.

I have been invited to be the focus of an interview on the new web site, Retire to, this Thursday, September 5th. Ed Zinkiewicz, co-founder of the site and author of a new series of Retire To books, extended the invitation last month and I quickly agreed.

You are invited to listen live on your computer and even pose questions for Ed or me to answer during this 40 minute session. There will be a series of slides that appear on your screen that will help you follow along. If you are unable to listen to the interview as it happens, I will post a link to the recorded version when it is available so you can listen at your convenience. There is also the option of listening to the interview on your phone, or connecting through Skype.

Ed has prepared a web page that provides all the details you need to listen on Thursday. Part of his bio for me includes:
Bob Lowry writes the leading blog for building and living a satisfying retirement. He has written two books about retirement, has been interviewed in Money Magazine, Advertising Age and on CNN.Com. He writes regularly for the PBS web site, Next Avenue, and is a contributing author to the best-selling 65 Things To Do When You Retire series of retirement books, the first of which the Wall Street Journal has called one of the most significant retirement books of 2012.
As his own retirement journey began to unfold he discovered a serious lack of information for retirees: books, web sites, and even blogs were filled with advice on how to manage one’s money before and after retirement. But, there were few places to learn about retirement’s effect on a marriage and important relationships, how to fill one’s time effectively, whether to move after leaving work, or how to simplify one’s life. No one was explaining the stages of retirement everyone must go through, or how to uncover a passion that would make each day a joy.

I am excited by this venture. It is the first time I have been asked to be part of a webinar, a web-based presentation over the Internet. Ed has done a wonderful job of allowing for the widest possible listenership and participation.

I invite you to listen on your computer, your phone, or by Skype. I urge you to submit a question during the interview for us to tackle. And, I ask that you pass on the word about this event to anyone you know who may be retired or thinking about beginning their own satisfying retirement.

For all the details on how to listen, watch the slides, or submit a question click
here: Worth a Listen: Bob Lowry. The interview will be conducted this Thursday at 3PM CDT. That means 1PM on the West Coast and 4PM on the East Coast.

Please plan on joining me Thursday afternoon. This should be fun. And, a big thank you to Ed Zinkiewicz for his invitation.


  1. Congratulations! I will look forward to listening to the tape, afterwards as I am at work at that time.
    Nita (Retiring in December)

    1. Thanks so much, Nita. I will post the link here on the blog, as well as on the Satisfying Retirement Facebook page when it becomes available.

  2. Good interview. Now, I can match a voice to the face. Very interesting points and facts. It's enlightening how far you have come, Bob. Inspiring.