August 23, 2013

My Social Media Questions Answered

Two weeks ago I posed a question: which social media outlet should I put the majority of my time and effort behind? With the goal of expanding Satisfying Retirement blog's readership and influence I noted that Twitter no longer seemed to produce the results for me that it once did. 

With only so many hours each day to dedicate to this blog and its healthy growth, there is no way I could make an adequate commitment to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Before leaving on my three week vacation in Portland, i stocked up on books about each of the major social media choices. I did lots of on-line research. I wrote that post and asked for your feedback. 

The comments were overwhelmingly in favor of Facebook. Google+ had a strong contingent of supporters. Several folks suggested Betty should put her photographs on Pinterest, while one or two thought I could benefit from this visual service. A few LinkedIn mentions and a suggestion or two to not give up on Twitter rounded out the responses. So, what did I decide? 

Facebook seems to be the best match for my needs. The ability to make a special page just for Satisfying Retirement is what helps tip the scale in Facebook's favor. In fact, if you have a Facebook account and haven't done so yet, I would very much appreciate your clicking Like and giving the page your approval by clicking the Like thumbs Up symbol. 

It is very easy to add people and interact with them through comments and pictures. It is easy to put each blog post on the Satisfying Retirement page for those who prefer to read whatever I have written through Facebook. 

Already, I have noticed new names appearing in the comment section and quite a bit of fresh readership of older posts. So far, Facebook is performing as expected.

At least for now I am not prepared to put all my social media eggs in Facebook's basket. Google is the biggest dog in the search engine kennel at the moment. Google+ may be a bit slow out of the gate and not nearly as powerful as Facebook, but it does have the magic name. 

It is quite easy to integrate several Internet functions with Google+. Readers can +google on posts and the blog if something strikes their fancy. 

Unlike Facebook, I can add someone to my "circle" without waiting for them to accept my invitation. In that way I have the chance to read what others are saying and comment. If that person finds what I say to be interesting, he or she can add me into their circle of contacts.

Even so, I am not seeing a direct impact of what I have done with Google+ so far. I am going to maintain my presence there for the time being.

Pinterest is just not appropriate for my needs. I hope that Betty decides to start posting her photos here, but Satisfying Retirement has nothing to add to the Pinterest community.
Likewise, LinkedIn is excellent for those establishing a work-related profile, those searching for a job, or for a company that wants to image itself before decision makers. The target here is not retired or soon to be retired people. 

I will not shut down my Twitter account and will continue to post links to new blog posts. But, the time spent to add 5 or 6 new tweets a day will cease. The immediate nature of Twitter and the change away from follower interactions means I must shift my attention elsewhere. 

Twitter will remain a major player in social media, just not for me.

It has been an interesting time of experimentation and exploration. Without the extra free time that a vacation brings I doubt I could have been this thoughtful about this progress.

Of course, as a reader of Satisfying Retirement your main concern is that you continue to find something here of interest or help. I have no intention of changing that.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your process. It's very informative. I think you've made a good decision. I don't see much impact from twitter either.

    1. Thanks, Sandra. I will keep posting links to new blog posts on Twitter, but otherwise, it will probably show a slow decline of followers.

  2. Hi Bob,
    I actually discovered your blog during my daily reading on Zite. I read a "retirement" category and one of your articles was featured. I followed it over to your blog, and have been an avid participant since (about 3 months). Yes, Facebook is a perfect media for you. Those of us retired 'early adaptor s' stay connected to the world, friends and family with our electronic gadgets. I don't know how I got along without my iPad. Writing now from our Lake Tahoe-Chico road trip. Keep up the great work keeping us Old Guys n Gals informed. BTW, visiting Chico to see my wife's aged parents with all the drama involved with the move to a retirement much fun!

  3. Hi, Ron. I appreciate your readership and comments. Facebook, both for my self as Bob Lowry and as a page for Satisfying Retirement, will get the bulk of my time for now.

    I have an idea for a new blog/web site that will probably be a better fit for Pinterest and Google+, but the target of Satisfying Retirement does seem to be better served by Facebook.

  4. I use facebook; can't figure out the appeal of twitter for people like us. Have you tried Instagram?

  5. I have not tried Instagram. You mean there's another one i have to learn about?

  6. I will add you to my Facebook feed.

    I don't have the same goals for my blog as you, but I do want it easily available. I have my blog set up so it posts to my personal Facebook account.

    1. So, how do I automatically add blog posts to Facebook? For now I am copying the address and pasting it on my Facebook page.

  7. I agree that Facebook is where I find the best interaction with people. However, it is good to keep your finger in the pot especially on google+. They really do hold our blog life in their hands.



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