August 7, 2013

An Encouragement Checklist

A few months ago I wrote a post, The Positive Power of Affirmation . We have the ability to improve the lives of others through the simple actions of encouragement and affirmation. When we make someone else's life more pleasant our satisfying retirement benefits as well.

Along those lines I ran across an excellent sidebar entry in the Bible version I am using for this year's study. The Chronological Life Application Study Bible included a "checklist for encouragers" based on Paul's 1 Thessalonians. The list struck me as perfect for this blog's purposes. This post is shorter than normal, but I think contains some things worth considering as you construct your retirement lifestyle.

See what you think:

  • Point out to someone a quality you appreciate in them
  • Look for ways to cooperate
  • Hold back your critical comments
  • Say "Thank You"
  • Search for ways to get along with others
  • Support those who are having problems by loving them
  • Think of a situation that tries your patience -plan how to react beforehand
  • Make a list of your gifts...then cherish them
  • Avoid situations where you will be drawn into temptation
  • Encourage those who are timid and afraid

Starting today, Wednesday, I am off for a three week vacation in the Portland, Oregon, area. So I can spend more time with friends and get some fresh ideas for this blog, I will post a little less frequently. I may be a bit slower than normal in responding to any comments or e-mails too, but I will when I can.

Beginning with the post on Friday, August 30th, I expect to be back with the Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule and looking forward to a busy fall season.

Now, it is time to find some cooler weather.


  1. Have a wonderful vacation.
    Thank you for sharing this list. I plan to copy it and put it where I see it daily. Some I do much better on than others. Seeing it daily will jog my memory and help motivate me.

  2. When our marriage was in trouble my pastor told me to tell my husband "I love you" every chance I got. It was difficult at first. He told me to just think of the things I did love about him in the past- project that image and say the words.
    That simple advice turned around our marriage.
    Sometime we just have to do the encouraging- the loving- the opening.

    Have a great trip Bob. Visiting with all of those NE people will be fantastic. Enjoy and refresh!

  3. Wishing you a trip with great energy and, fun!

  4. *NW ---sorry I have the NE on my mind :)

  5. Have a wonderful trip and say hello to Tamara for me. Can't wait to hear all about your experience.

  6. All good advice, and I'm gonna do what Linda is doing -- print it out, and I think I'll put it by my computer. And, like Linda, I wish you a "cool" vacation.

  7. Love this list! Have a beautiful vacation.

  8. Hope you guys have a wonderful time up here in the Great North West! Enjoy the cooler weather, but don't tell everybody how terrific it is, Just tell them that it rains all the time ;-)

  9. To all above: we are safely in Portland and have already had lunch with bloggers Galen Pearl and Barbara Torris. We will meet Mike and Tamara Reddy in a few weeks.

    The weather is 25 coolers than Scottsdale! This will be a great 3 weeks.

    I am so pleased you found some comfort from the encouraging list. I like the idea of printing it out and keeping it handy.

    Thanks for your good wishes.

  10. I actually hand wrote it out; I've found that when I write it, (guess that makes me old fashioned, but that's fine!) the information stays better. Enjoy your trip! Hope you & Betty enjoy the change.



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