June 14, 2013

Arizona's White Mountains Makes The Perfect Getaway

Betty and I, along with our trusty canine companion, Bailey, just returned from a very enjoyable eight day RV trip to the rim country of Arizona. With temperatures topping 108 degrees in Phoenix, we decided this was the perfect time to head to 6,000 feet and cooler temperatures. About 150 miles from our home, the White Mountains are a summer heat escape for many Valley of the Sun residents. During the winter, deep snow and a beautiful ski resort entice those who prefer their sports on the chilly side.

We wanted high temperatures under 100 and mornings cool enough for a light sweater; we found both. Our first stop was Woods Canyon Lake about 30 miles east of Payson. We have fond memories of bringing our young daughters here for canoe rides and picnics. 

Betty's dad took his granddaughters fishing on the lake for their first experience with worms some 25 years ago.

This time we made a brief stop for a picnic lunch, pictures for Betty, and to allow Bailey to gather new smells. Because it was mid week we thought the parking lot would be rather empty but that wasn't the case. Several other RVs were in evidence, as well as at least a dozen fisherman with their electric trolling boats. 

Then, it was on to Heber and our RV home for the next four nights. Heber RV Resort is clean, quiet, and very well maintained. We had a problem with our 30 amp electrical plug that the on site maintenance man fixed in just a few minutes. Most of the sites are filled with those who spend the summer here, but we got one of the dozen short stay sites. With a 30 foot pine tree, a picnic table, and being just across from both the office and the shower facilities, the location was perfect. Bailey loved all the new smells while we liked the peace and quiet.

Then, we went back to Fools Hollow State Park near Show Low. After a short visit last fall we knew we'd want to come back to spend several days. The RV sites are spacious and well shaded. Many have full hookups; for those that don't a dump station is at the front entrance. 
I have posted several pictures before of this park, but here are a few new ones to enjoy.

Though rather short, this trip was important in one very important regard; Betty had the time to really look at the inside of the RV and figure out all sorts of ways to improve our living space. She came up with a long list of improvements that will dramatically increase our storage and simplify our life while traveling. She even figured out how to build a small "office" into some wasted space near the cab. It will provide work space for our computer and storage for supplies, but can be folded up and stored away in just a few minutes.
Now we shift our focus to our August trip to Portland. This one will be made by plane. Less than 3 hours in the air versus a 5 day drive each way - an easy choice! 


  1. The photos are just lovely. It looks so relaxing. One of the nice things about getting away is that it can change your perspective, charge your batteries, and bring a serenity that sometimes is missing in our routine day to day activities.

    1. I wish it had been a bit cooler, but we did enjoy the complete change of scenery. At night, the stars appeared so large and clear that you felt you could almost reach out and touch them.

  2. Betty's pictures are awesome as usual. What gorgeous sunrises/sunsets..I bet Bailey had a ball too! I have not been to Fool'S h Hollow up in Show Low--did not know they had WATER-- just about my favorite thing! We'll have to bring our Sea Eagle kayak up there soon and try it out! Is there a local July trip on the books? Love hearing about RV-ing. As a result of your blog and a trip we took to Woods Canyon where Ken got to talk to a few RV-ers, he now wants to investigate--woo hoo!!

    1. Bailey had the time of her life. She would have spent every minute outside hunting lizards and exploring if she could. But, we had to keep her from getting overheated so her outside time had to be limited.

      Fools Hollow is one of the nicest state parks in Arizona we have been to. In the morning and early evening there are probably 10-15 fishing boats on the water. During the day kayaks and canoes are quite common. The water is calm and clean. It is less than four hours from our home so it is quite doable for a long weekend.

      July may see a long weekend to Flagstaff. But, our primary focus now is August in Portland and then 3 weeks in California in October with the RV.

      We have begun discussing a 2 month trip to the Midwest and West Virginia area for next summer. Not being in Phoenix for July and August sounds quite pleasant. We'll see.

      Ken and an RV? Interesting.

  3. Cari in North TexasFri Jun 14, 06:45:00 PM MST

    Ah, the trees, the water, the quiet - reminds me of my recent trip! Your gorgeous pictures are a welcome escape from the current 100+ degree temperature here in Dallas. I can definitely relate to leaving town in Juy and August!

  4. Replies
    1. Betty does some amazing work with a basic $150 camera. I've offered to buy her a fancier one for her birthday or Christmas but she says, "Why?" Her simple Canon suits her well.