October 26, 2012

Blog Suggestions: A Review

Last week I asked for your suggestions for some blogs I may want to check in the post Blogs I Should Read - What Do You Suggest?. I was beginning to feel a little stale in my daily choices. With 65 million active blogs in English to choose from, I knew there were lots of good ones. Who better to ask than you to give me some ideas. Importantly, they did not have to relate directly to a satisfying retirement. Well written content on any subject was encouraged.

There were over 60 blogs suggested. Some weren't posted due to their "adult" content or because that blog is already on my blogroll . Surprisingly, all the folks who try to get links to their sites through obviously bogus comments didn't attempt to slip a recommendation or two onto this post.

Of the suggestions that did see the light of day, I have found 14 that I will begin to read on a regular basis. If I find the content brings me back and keeps me engaged, then those blogs will be added to the blogroll. Here are the ones that will become part of my routine:

Rural Revolution - I don't agree with a lot of her political views or her passion for guns but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate her writing and what she covers. She is outside my normal reading circle, which is the point.

The Simple Dollar - I used to read this blog regularly but for some reason I drifted away. Maybe I am missing something.

The Gift Of An Ordinary Day - interesting, though with only 2 or 3 posts a month she may post too infrequently to hold my interest.

Huffington Post GPS for the Soul and Post 50 blogs - a good collection of interesting articles from all sorts of different sources.

Mr. Money Mustache - This was recommended by three different people. I have been cautioned the author swears which won't put me off if the content is strong.

Counting Ducks - subtitled 'reflections on a passing life', this blog contains personal, well-written looks at all sorts of aspects of the author's life. Though he doesn't give his age I am guessing we are contemporaries.

Better RVing - sponsored by an RV company but still packed with all sorts of information I am finding helpful. Everything from repairs, tips on RV living, trips, and recipes.

RV Net forums - another commercially sponsored site with dozens of forums on all subjects RV. Based on the dates of the postings this site is quite active.

RV sue and crew - subtitled 'living on less and enjoying life more', Sue and her dogs live full time in a 17 foot trailer and travel the country. Her stories about her experiences are fascinating and her photos beautiful.

The Non-Consumer Advocate - Katy's goal is to "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without. Gotta love her approach. She seems to post every day.

The Frugal Girl - The author, Kristen, says she cheerly lives on less. There appear to be lots of meal and recipe ideas. Right now she has a series on spending less for Christmas.

One Hundred Dollars a Month - Mavis is a wife and mom of two teenagers who manages to spend very little money to feed her family. The site has tons of tips, recipes, coupons, and ideas.

Midway Simplicity - Now here is a smart approach: tips, hints, and support for living a simpler lifestyle that isn't too harsh or extreme. Good idea. I expect to find this is one of my favorites. The author appears to post fresh material every 3rd or 4th day.

Vishnu's Virtues - looks interesting. The topics are spirituality, faith and beliefs. The goal is to help navigate life's problems and pitfalls. Vishnu writes with a touch of humor and just a dash of sarcasm.
 Solo Travelers - Just recommended by reader Kelly. A well-designed site that focuses on the solo traveler. Sampled a few of the posts; well written with nice pictures.
I learned something else with this experiment: financial blogs and those that preach a minimalist or simplified lifestyle are popular with readers of satisfying retirement. Food and menu preparation blogs also popped up often.

I have no intension of changing the direction or focus of my blog. But, your reading choices does give me some ideas on future posts that reflect some of these interests as they fit satisfying retirement's niche.

Just because I have complied the above list doesn't mean my exploration of good sites is over. Please feel free to add more. I'm pretty sure everyone likes to discover hidden gems and share with friends.


  1. Thanks for the helpful, quick reviews. I'm not an RV'er, but I'm gonna visit the others. Meanwhile, I myself have recently started blogging on Huff/Post50 -- check me out. Thanks!

    1. Congrats on your Huff Post exposure. Huffington Post with all its channels is quite a powerhouse.

  2. I picked up a couple of good ones from this list.I liked Midway Simplicity because I cannot go on an austerity program but would like to cut back on spending. So good middle ground. I also like reading travel blogs of people our age who decided to check out the rest of the world. One of my favorites is Janice Waugh at www.solotravellerblog.com .

    1. Hi, Kelly,

      I'll check out Janice's blog, as well as yours!

    2. I am honored that you would have a look! I have an older blog that was running for three years and just started the new one to document my semi retirement journey. Thamks!

    3. I just clicked over to Try New Things, your old blog. I see lots for me to read and catch up on.

  3. I,like Tom, am not into RV's but I will take a look at some of your new choices. I love Huff post too. I think you'll enjoy Peter Wells at Counting Ducks. He makes me laugh and makes me think.

  4. I love blog suggestions so I will be checking out each that you have posted, thanks. I like that you have RV Sue listed there. I have been reading her blog almost daily along with "Old Fat Man Adventures (OFM)" for about a year now. Barney (OFM) is a solo traveler in a small RV just like RV Sue but he travels mostly in Texas and surrounding area. Still I find him very interesting and he is an excellent photographer. He doesn't post every day just most days so many times I will check in once a week and catch up. Here is his link if you'd like to try him out too: http://ofmadventures.blogspot.com/

  5. To Tom and others who don't RV: I'm not a RVer either, but RV blogs sometimes have lots of great pics of our country and Mexico. I have a disabled husband so travel vicariously through RV blogs and blogs by overseas travellers. Tioga George is a 70 something man who started RVing in 2003 after he was cured of cancer. He travels mostly in Mex and has a huge following.

    Overseas travellers, Paul and Vicki, retired at 36 and have travelled overseas and without a permanent address since the mid 80's. Experts on travelling cheaply and finding interesting places.

    Judy Bell travels the US, volunteering at wildlife refuges.


    Hope you find these interesting!

    1. Hi Ann,

      Thanks for the input. Yes, even non-RVers can enjoy the travelogue and pictures.

      I am a little confused. Your original comment listed the same web site for all three recommendations: George, Paul and Vicki, and Judy. But all I find at the vagabonds site is George. Am I missing something?

    2. Sorry, Bob. The sites I listed did not show up for some reason. Let me try again.

      Paul and Vickie can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/paulvicgroup/

      Another expat couple that I follow, Billy and Akaisha, can be found at http://www.retireearlylifestyle.com/

      Judy's blog can be found at http://travels-with-emma.blogspot.com/

      Hope this works this time. Always enjoy your blog and check it frequently. Enjoy your Rving!

    3. Ok...great. I will take a look!

  6. Hello, Bob!

    The crew and I thank you for including us in your list. We appreciate being noticed!

    Great idea for a post... wish I'd thought of it. Ha! Sue

    1. You are very welcome, Sue! Friends of ours have a 17 foot Casita and love it. They spent 2 months traveling around the country and reported no problems at all.

      Best of luck to you and your doggies. My wife and I are buying an RV and hitting the road soon. Maybe we will bump into Sue and her crew!

  7. Thanks, Bob. I added one on your list to my own.

  8. Thanks Bob for adding me to this list. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog as well. Although we all can't be retired, we can definitely dream, think and plan for it!

    1. You are quite welcome. Your subject matter is a bit different from what I normally read, but it is well-written and interesting. I like to get input and ideas from everywhere!

  9. I like Wise Bread - Living Large on a Small Budget:
    "Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a small budget. Despite what you may have heard, you don't have to sacrifice your financial independence to enjoy life."
    Lots of down to earth advice for everyone.


    1. Wise Bread does look excellent. I've added it to my "take a look" list. I think someone recommended it after the original post but somehow it slipped by me.

      Thanks, Me!


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