July 4, 2012

Betty's Photo Magic

About a year and a half ago I featured the photographic creativity of my wife, Betty. She had taken pictures of water drops, then distorted them and added colors to create unique works of art. 

Recently she has been going through thousands of photos of flowers. We are going to print some for our upstairs hallway to add color and a needed change to paintings that have been there since we moved in 11 years ago. While watching her work on all these photos I thought I'd like to share some with you. Obviously, the smaller size and limitations of a blog don't show them in their full spender. Even so, I hope you like them and they brighten your day.

That should give you an idea of her work. What is most amazing is all these photos were done with a simple point and shoot camera with only basic adjustments to the exposure or shutter settings. All the final tweaking occurred with Photo Shop. Out of the 2,000 choices whichever ones we pick for the hallway will look great.

By the way, Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Wonderful images, but especially inspiring is your enthusiasm for your mates passion. Enjoy your July 4 holiday.

  2. Beautiful! I'm a photo hobbiest myself, and therefore most appreciative of the gorgeous shots Betty has captured.

    These will look amazing framed!

  3. Happy 4th Rick and Tamara. We are in Portland enjoying our holiday with our blogging friends. Betty is taking more amazing photos of the Rose and Japanese Gardens to add to her fabulous collection!

  4. Beautiful photos. Love the macro shots and use it a lot too. Have a wonderful 4th while vacationing!!

  5. I've been taking photos for years and now prefer them to conversations. I let my photos speak for myself. I dedicated my blog to my daily photos.

  6. These are breathtaking photos - thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. Thanks for sharing - to achieve such sharp focus is difficult in macro photography. Kudos to your lovely wife!