May 5, 2012

Book Giveaway: 65 Things To Do When You Retire

I have learned that 65 Things To Do When You Retire has been a strong success for the publisher. That is important to us all because the authors who contributed, including me, have agreed to donate all royalties to organizations that search for a cure for cancer.

If you haven't done so I personally ask you to purchase a copy for yourself. As I write this Amazon has the book available for under $11. It would also be a real favor to me if you'd add a review to the Amazon page so others may be inclined to buy this tremendous resource. Reviews from people who have purchased and recommend the book are more powerful than you might imagine.

Now, some exciting news: The book company has asked me to be part of the next book in the series. It will focus on the joys and pitfalls of travel for retired folks. No date has been set for publication but, obviously, I immediately agreed to contribute an article for the new book.

Also, I was given some copies of  65 Things To Do When You Retire to give away. It would be great for cancer research if you ordered one from Amazon. But, if you'd like to try to win one first, and then order one as a gift to a friend....that would be absolutely fine with me!

So, to celebrate the success of this book and the invitation to be part of the next one, I'm giving you the present. To win a copy for yourself:

  • Simply send me an e-mail with "65 Things" in the subject line. Include your name. If you are one of the winners I will notify you and ask for a mailing address for your book (see, I even pay the postage!).
  • I will not use your e-mail address to market to you..promise!
  • Winners will be determined by random drawing of all entries received by Tuesday, May 8th at 12 midnight MST.

It couldn't be much simpler. I have found this book to be a priceless resource as my satisfying retirement journey continues. I'd love for you to own one..or win one.

May 9th: Congratulations to Beth, Richard, Ellen, Gary, and Marianne...the winners of the book giveaway, picked at random from the nearly 50 entries.