December 30, 2011

A Thank You Letter to 2011 as it Retires

A year ago I wrote a thank you letter to 2010 that summarized some of the good and not so good stuff that happened. In re-reading that post I liked the idea, so here is the 2011 version.

Well, 2011, you threw all of us some surprises. The economy didn't recover as much as hoped, leaving lots of us still in deep trouble. But, at least you didn't slip back into a recession. In fact, as this year ends there are signs that corners are finally being turned. Now, if you can talk to 2012 and ask him to do something about the mess in Europe!

Dad continues to do well one year after the love of his life passed away after 63 years together. His family is quite surprised he has found his footing and is happy....lonely, but happy. It is certainly a blessing we get to see him every week and include him in family gatherings when possible.

My son-in-law has completed his work to earn his BA and is flourishing in his new position at work. His back, which had left him virtually crippled, is still responding beautifully to the patches that help his body stay in balance. Thank you for whatever you did.

His wife, my oldest, continues to be the world's best mom, raising some incredible, respectful, loving, brilliant kids. As if that didn't keep her busy she began a Christian day care in her home to help the family's finances. 2011 has been a tiring one for her, but you never hear her complain.

My youngest has moved in with us while she ramps up her career. Even though the world economy has been shaky at best, her dreams of seeing the world as a travel director and freelance operations manager show serious signs of success.

Betty and I finally got back to Maui for a much needed extended vacation in late September into October. It felt like going home. I had a very vivid dream last night of going back.

This blog continues to grow and my first book is selling (slowly but selling) on Amazon. Money Magazine featured a story on our finances and how we  live well on less. It is quite a rush to see yourself on a magazine stand.

The interaction with readers and the joy of writing still feels just as good as it did when this part of my journey began 18 months ago. I don't know how one measures this, but I'd bet I have the best readers in the blogging world.

So, thank you 2011, for a good year. My family is healthy, our finances are OK, my spirits and optimism remain, and my satisfying retirement continues. 2012, you have you work cut out for you to equal the impact on my family that your retiring brother, 2011, had.


What Others Are Saying


  1. Bob,
    Best wishes for a safe, healthy and prosperous 2012. All in all you and your family have much to be thankful for, as do we. Without going into detail I would like to say that finding your blog, and your book, were two more positives during 2011 for myself. The best to you and your whole extending reading audience.

  2. Chuck Y,

    Thank you for your very gracious comment and support this year. You have been a great addition to the blog. I wish you and your family all the very best in 2012.

  3. Bob,

    I can't believe it's only been 18 months since you started your blog, written a book, been featured in Money Magazine and still forging ahead. I am much slower than you. Perhaps I need a Gutsy kick in the rear to catch up. Anyway, lets all encourage one another to forge ahead and do our best.
    My oldest son moved back from Michigan in August, so in a way I can relate to having an adult "child" living home again.
    All the best in 2012. Your blogger friend, Sonia.

  4. Sonia,

    To the true "Gutsy Lady:" Have a productive and pleasing 2012. here's hoping we all get to read your book sometime this year.

    All the best, my friend

  5. You obviously had a very "satisfying retirement" in 2011 -- may it be even more satisfying for 2012!

  6. Sightings,

    Yes. It was a good year..much better than 2010. Whatever the new year brings I'll try to stay positive and look for the good in whatever happens.

    My very best to you.

  7. You've only been around the blogging world for 18 months? It certainly feels like you've been here forever. Here's to an even more satisfying 2012!

  8. Grace,

    Sometimes it feels like a lifetime to me, too! No, not really. It is so much a part of my life now that whenever I stop blogging I'll consider it another retirement.

  9. Hi Bob! Visiting you following your comment on Sonia's blog. I am impressed that you are such a prolific writer...Happy new year then!

  10. MuMuGB,

    I am enjoying your Yummu Mummy blog quite a bit. We can both thank Sonia for introducing us to each other. Have an exciting 2012 as London gears up for the Olympics.

  11. Bob and Muriel (MuMuGB)
    Isn't the Internet fantastic, I mean our blogging world?
    Bob, are you an avid follower of the Olympics? If so which sport is your favorite? I used to love the high diving, as I tried it a few times from the 10 meter platform.

  12. Sonia,

    I do watch the Olympics. If I had to choose either swimming or floor exercises on the parallel or uneven bars.

    Diving from 33 feet...that's gutsy.


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