December 14, 2011

Retirement Help and Personalized Advice

The past 18 month of writing Satisfying Retirement has been loads of fun.  Watching the growth in the number of people who stop by to read a post is gratifying. Seeing the number of comments increase is a good sign. The publication of my first e-book, Building a Satisfying Retirement, and seeing its slow but steady sales figures from Amazon along with a few paid links and compensation for writing for web sites has allowed me come close to breaking even.

On occasion e-mails have asked if I am available for private consultation on matters relating to building a happy retirement. Sometimes the person posing the question is looking for help with budgeting or basic financial questions. Twice there has been a question dealing with issues like moving or downsizing. There has been some interest in helping folks develop their creativity and finding a passion after work. A couple of e-mails also wondered if I'd advise a couple before retirement on developing a specific plan to help them get ready for the big step.

Up to this point, I have freely given some ideas and suggestion by return e-mail. But, the trickle of requests for private help has led me to wonder if this is something I could offer as a service to readers and the general public. Rather than a simple one or two e-mails with general hints and tips, is there an interest in a more personalized service that includes phone conversations and specific help for a specific situation?

While this list is certainly not all that I could do to help you, these are the topics that pop up most often in my in box:

  • Budgeting  Building a workable budget before or after retirement.

  • Where to live  This is a major decision that involves lots of possibilities

  • How do I keep my marriage strong after retirement?  Retirement involves more than just the person who stops work. There are issues that should be addressed.

  • Can you help me simplify my life?  Are you struggling with downsizing or getting a daily calendar under control? Do you want ideas to give you more time to enjoy your life?

  • Other than work, I have no hobbies or interests. Help!  This is a very typical problem that will rarely just solve itself. If there is nothing to get your involved and excited, boredom and unhappiness will quickly follow.

  • My adult child needs to move home. What's that going to do to my life? This has become an increasingly common issue in the present economic reality. How it is handled affects both the child and your happiness.

  • My parents need more help than I can give them. What should I do? This problem involves many tough decisions that must be specific to your situation and needs.

This list gives you an idea of what I am proposing. This is my "fishing line in the water, waiting to see if someone bites." Do you think you, or someone you know, would benefit from my individualized consultation? Would you find this a service you might use?

Of course, the next question you would ask is about the cost. Because my goal is to help as many folks as possible, charges would be very reasonable and based on both what you wanted and how much involvement you requested.

OK, I'm ready to see if this offer produces any nibbles. E-mail me and describe what you are interesting in. I'll respond with a proposal and costs. At that point you can accept the proposal, modify it, or say "no thanks," and remain friends.

Please give it some thought and let me know if you are interested in learning more. I will put a link on the sidebar of the blog so if you decide at some point in the future you have a need like this, the offer remains open.

Thanks for your support and the opportunity to be of service, both in the blog posts and this additional, personalized service.


  1. Sounds like another book in the making.
    Living a Satisfying Retirement.

  2. Janette,

    Actually you are very close to the working title of a new book! I'm aiming for a spring release.

  3. I love the way you pay attention in your life. You see some questions coming your way, and open up to possibilities. You are curious rather than controlling. You put feelers out without expectation. You invite others to participate in defining direction. And more. I think you are modeling the traits that make your retirement so satisfying. Satisfaction isn't only about particular practices and habits and skills. It is also about attitude.

    I know that this is something that you have written about, too, along with great advice on so many topics. But I think it is so powerful when you model it, as you have done in this post.

    I'm eager to hear where this leads for you.

  4. Your book is full of common sense and good ideas. I'd expect people to consult with you to extract some of that.

  5. Galen,

    Thanks so much for the comments. Yes, I am anxious to see if my mentoring can be expanded!


    Please place your comments as a review for the book on Amazon! You are quite a salesperson. Thanks!

  6. There is definitely a need for this. You might look into giving workshops also. Good luck!

  7. Thanks. I'm trying to figure out the best way to promote the availability of the service. Workshops and maybe a series of YouTube videos might work.


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