December 26, 2011

A Look Back: Relationships

This final week of 2011 is a good time for a look back..back over some posts of the past 18 months that you may have missed, or remember wanting to read again. For the next four days I will feature a list of satisfying retirement blog posts related to a different subject. Today's focus is on relationships: family, marriage, adult children, aging parents, grandkids. I hope you find something listed you'll enjoy checking out:

*Does Family Matter?

*Who Is That person Sitting Beside me?

*The Benefits of Sharing Household Duties

*Learning About Life From A 3 Year-Old

*A Real Life Love Story: Caring For Your Parents

*Relationship Maintenance: Time For a Tune-up?

*Relationships Between Parents & Adult Children

*Retirement & Sex (that what you think!)

*What Am I Going To Do About Mom?

*How Do I Help My Aging Parents?

*Junior Is Back Home: Now What?

*Mom & Dad Want To Move In: Now What?

Tomorrow, a look back at posts that deal with one of the most important parts of a satisfying retirement: your finances.