September 13, 2011

Our Satisfying Retirement - Thank you Money Magazine!

Money Magazine has published the story about how my wife and I have built our satisfying retirement lifestyle. It is now available on newsstands.

A version of the story is also available on it's sister web site,

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Over 500 pictures taken this morning...for just 1 in Magazine!

The key for us has not been to deprive ourselves of things that make living a joy. Rather we have spent the last 35 years living below our means. This has enabled us to live the lifestyle profiled in the article.

Preparing for Money Magazine Photo Shoot
Also, now available as an e-book download for your Kindle or other device is the 2nd edition of Building a Satisfying Retirement. Click the link at the top right of the blog to buy your copy. Even if you don't own a Kindle, there is a free reader you can load on your computer to read any Kindle book.

I have added a new section about working after retirement and freshened the content since the 1st edition was released and given away last spring.

To my regular readers my deep appreciation for the support you have shown for the past 16 months. Your visits have made this the #1 blog on Google for building a Satisfying Retirement.

For those who have found the blog because of the Money Magazine or pieces, thank you. I hope you make this blog one of your regular reads. If you sign up for a subscription, I'll be honored to be sure you receive each new post in your e-mailbox or your RSS reader.

A satisfying retirement is very possible. My wife and I have lived it for over a decade, through several recessions, the collapse of my business, a 50% drop in the value of our home, and assorted other bumps in the retirement road.

Please, feel free to contact me to ask questions, make suggestions...even complain about something I've written (or not written). We are building an active community of retirees, and those looking forward to retirement. I'd love you to become part of our on-line family.


  1. Thanks, Syd,

    You were one of the very first to offer me support. I appreciated it then, and cherish it now.

  2. I second Syd's comment. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! I look forward to reading the article.

  4. Found your blog this week while on the Bogleheads investing forum; it was recommended by another poster on that forum. I look forward to reading more from yourself and others, and hopefully helping where I can at the same time.

  5. Rick, Juhi, and Chuck Y,

    Thank you! Welcome and I hope you become a regular and feel like part of the family. This has been a fabulous journey so far.

    Juhi..A Boomer Girl's Guide looks interesting. I don't quite fit the description, but I assume you wouldn't mind my visiting!

  6. Congratulations. An inspiration to us all!

  7. Morrison,

    Thank you. I appreciate your words.

  8. Wow, a celebrity! I'm really enjoying this blog, Bob, it's the possibility that we may be able to retire after all! :)! Congrats!!

  9. Congratulations on your article Bob.
    I'm I regular follower of your post and feel that I have found a "virtual" Friend.
    Greetings from Montreal.

  10. Hi Raymond,

    Thank you and hello to readers from Canada. A fair amount of the blog's daily traffic is from our friendly neighbor to the north.

    Montreal is a fabulous city. It has been too long since my last visit.

  11. Sharon,

    Celebrity? I hope not. That would require spending more than I make just to keep up with the Hollywood crowd!

    Thanks for the nice comments. I am enjoying your blog quite a bit. So, you've increased your food budget? I'll have to check that out.

  12. I just found your blog earlier this week and have been reading through it. I am back to Apr 10, 2011. Although not retired just yet, I have been planning it for sometime. I really liked some of your recent entries on an adult child moving back in and the entries on the changes in spending choices that people make.

    Thanks for the insight into retirement living.

  13. Hi Brian,

    I'm glad you found the blog and are reading through a lot of the older posts. Feel free to comment on any of them, even if they are old. New people visit all the time and look through the older posts just like you.

    I'm here to help you prepare for your journey toward retirement. Contact me at anytime for information and feedback.

  14. Ccongratulations Bob! Not only are you a celeb, but you show that it is possible to have a rewarding retirement without having a million. retirement is a joy, even on a little money

  15. Barb,

    I hope the message that the article conveys is that a good life is possible without the seven figure retirement fund and without a lot of the trappings we have been lead to believe are required. The more we simplify the happier we are.

    Barb, you are a great example of someone who lives frugally and well. Readers....visit Barb's blog by clicking her name above or looking for Frugally Retired on the sidebar.

  16. Hey, Bob... Congratulations on your article in Money Magazine. Well done, my friend! Bill

  17. Bill,

    Thank you, Bill. Retired guys like us have to make some noise occasionally to let the world know we are still very relevant. Hold it...maybe by leading an adventurous retirement!

  18. Congratulations Bob! I do believe that this may give you some "bragging right!" We have great fun with those in our family. I hope you do as well.

    Incidentally, I just want you to know how much I appreciate the inclusion of Retire In Style Blog in your blog roll. I have visitors from this site frequently.


  19. Thanks, Barb,

    As a part time resident of Arizona, you are accorded honor blogging status! I list my favorite blogs on that list, and that includes yours.