September 17, 2011

Now Available: Building a Satisfying Retirement, 2nd Edition

Building a Satisfying Retirement is now available as a download to your Kindle or mobile phone. You can also get a free Kindle reader and download the book to your personal computer. The 2nd edition contains new chapters and new information. If you are planning for your retirement or already there but wonder if you are making the most of your opportunities, this is the book for you.

The pages are packed with information and advice on making the most of your financial situation, strengthening your relationships, deciding where to live after you retire, maintaining your health, finding your passion and developing your creativity, even the best choices for working after retirement.

Chapters on simple living and the stages of retirement we all go through will help you save money, declutter your life, and maneuver through the journey that starts the day you leave work.

This is the perfect e-book for you, your spouse, or someone you love who is facing retirement and wants it to be satisfying and fulfilling.

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