August 10, 2011

A Real Life Miracle

Health problems are part of life. For whatever reason we were designed with a vulnerable body that over time breaks down, sags, and bags, and finds a million and one ways to disappoint us. Usually, these occurrences happen later in life. With a common sense eating and exercise plan the typical health problems don't start to become evident until our 60's or later. Much of having a satisfying retirement depends on your health in your later years.

Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Sometimes our body turns on us much earlier. My wife has had a shopping list of ailments since her mid 20's. At 57, she has the health issues of someone much older, but continues to smile and live a full life. 

There is another situation I know quite well that is the focus of this post. It is the true life story of my son-in-law. At 33, his body has been treating him with the utmost disdain for the last several years. It had become so bad that he couldn't get down on the floor to play with his 3 young children. He could do nothing to help around the house. Getting up and going to work was agony. Let me have him tell you a bit about his battles:

"After three years of increasing pain in my right hip, low back, thigh, knee and leg, I resigned myself to living the rest of my life at a pain level of 8 out of 10. This of course affected my relationships with my wife and with my kids. I was also forced to be placed on Intermittent Family and Medical Leave to keep my job safe from pain episodes that prevented me from working. I was pretty much walking around with a cane everyday and in a haze because of pain medication or in intense levels of pain because the medication wore off.

I tried several treatments including physical therapy, water therapy, chiropractic, deep tissue massage, decompression traction, cortisone injections, electric therapy, and reflexology to name a few. I have had every image done to diagnose the problem from x-rays, MRIs, nuclear body scans and ultrasounds all resulting in inconclusive results. Nothing was found. I have taken pain medications from a daily regimen of over the counter pills to all sorts of prescription drugs. I hadn't had a full night's sleep in about 2 years even with pain and sleep medications. Life was deteriorating fast for me and my family."

At this point I will interrupt his story. My wife and I were becoming increasingly worried about his situation. We could see him withdrawing into a shell of pain. He was becoming old right before our eyes. The effect on our daughter and his kids was becoming almost too much to bear. If my son-in-law could no longer work, they were going to be in a world of hurt. OK, back to his story:

"My father told me about about some homeopathic patches that had really benefited his neighbor's wife. I had tried everything modern medicine had to offer and it had failed me. I had nothing to lose. I went to a  pain reduction information session and tried one of these homeopathic patches. Within 15 seconds my pain was reduced from an 8 to a 6. I tried a couple of other patches together and  by the time I left the office I was at a pain level of 4. I hadn't been this free of pain in several years. It was incredible!

I walked in with a cane and walked out without it. I have been on these patches for a few months and the pain remains completely manageable. The patches help with pain levels, reduce inflammation,  reduce my stress and allow me to sleep. I haven't taken any pain medication since using the patches. I have had full nights of sleep without sleep aids. I haven't missed a day of work, I play with my kids and my relationship with my wife has re-blossomed into the relationship it was early in our marriage. My pain now is consistently at a manageable 2 or 3. These patches have changed my life."

As you might imagine, when he first told me about these patches and how they instantly worked for him, my reaction was one of extreme skepticism. Obviously, I have prayed that someone would find out what was causing his decline. But, to think a patch applied to the body would have this incredible power didn't make sense. Don't ask me how they work. I've heard the explanation and it sounds like new age mumbo-jumbo to me. But, these darn things have given my daughter back her husband, my grandkids back their father, and me back my son-in-law.

I will now do something I have rarely done before on this blog: give you a way to learn more if you are interested. I have absolutely no connection with the company marketing these patches. I have no idea how they work, why they work, or whether they work long term.  But in the case of my son-in-law, he got his life back and that is priceless. If you have had a similar problem with a medical issue that no one can solve, or know someone who has and you'd like to learn more, click here. You can contact my son-in-law directly through a link at the top of that page. It should go without saying that I am receiving no compensation for this information and making no claims about its effectiveness for you.

What is the lesson from this story? To me, the important lesson is to never give up. If he had stopped after several years of trying everything normal western medicine had to offer, the effect on many lives would have been heartbreaking. He was desperate enough to try something so far out of the norm that the medical profession can only shake their heads and laugh at the idea. Do I think these patches would work for everyone in all situations? Since I still have no idea how they work I can't answer that. I have no personal experience so I can only observe and react to what I see. But, they worked for my son-in-law. It is a remarkable story and a real life miracle even if I don't understand how it happened. I'm sure he'd be glad to tell you more.


  1. I am a big believer in "alternative" healing practices. I routinely go to a Chinese herbalist, especially when "western" medicine doesn't work. I will definitely check this out! Thanks for the story and the information.

  2. Bob,
    Thanks for that great and inspiring story. First your son-in-law seems to be a fine individual who will deal with adversity if he has to but won't give up looking for another way. Good for him but it is even better than he has found a treatment that lets him live a more normal life. It certainly doesn't matter that anybody understand why it works.

  3. Galen,

    I'd be interested in what you think of this system. I am becoming much more open to different ways to approach health issues.

  4. Hi Ralph,

    He has come out of a very dark tunnel. The whole family certainly prays that these patches work long enough for his body to heal. His background in the Navy helped him to deal with tough times.

  5. After living in Hong Kong- I understand a bit more about alternative medicine. My sister has Chronic Fatigue. Alternative medicine has been the reason she can walk and do things today! Janette

  6. That is an incredible story which I would not normally have believed, had it been an article in a magazine, but coming from you Bob, I would try this had I the pain your son-in-law experienced. Now I wish i could find a solution to my husband's weight issues as I worry about him not being able to do all the things I hope to do when he retires. I noticed how many other middle-aged men I saw on vacation with the same weight problem, then I say to myself that perhaps I should just accept this is the way it's going to be forever. Another blog post idea for satisfying retirement?

  7. Hi Bob,

    As a firm believer in alternative health ideas and remedies, I'm very glad for your son-in-law that he found something to help him. My own background as a Navy Corpsman and Operating Room Tech is one thing which led me to the idea that Western medicine does not have all the answers!

    It's ironic that I was just considering a few pages on my health website for alternative methods for dealing with chronic pain. I'll look at this info and possibly include it.

    My husband and I handle all of our health issues with alternatives, mostly after regular doctors have offered nothing to help. We live full, productive lives and feel healthy and lucky. I too see much younger people dealing with horrible issues which could be helped if they just knew where to turn when Western medicine fails them. Most people, however, also live on fast food, processed food, sugar and rarely eat a vegetable. It's too bad when they have the capacity to help themselves but never even investigate anything beyond taking a pill.

  8. Good Morning Janette,

    There is a lot we could learn from the way other cultures look at health. The western way is designed to treat the symptoms more often than finding the cause. My son-in-law's case is a perfect example.

  9. Hi Sonia,

    Are you back from Florida? If so, welcome home.

    Frankly, I saw it happen right in front of me and I was still skeptical. But, it has been several months and he remains at a 2 or 3 on a 10 point pain scale. The post made it quite clear that I can only validate what I saw. I wouldn't believe it if I read it either!

    I battled gaining weight for several years. My life style of constant travel, hotel food, and boredom while on the road saw me get up to 215 pounds during the last few years of my career. It took concerted effort of the South Beach diet and 3-4 days a week at the gym to get down to 188. My goal is 183 or below before we go to Hawaii next month. There are enough whales there without me being another.

    And, yes, that could be an interesting post. Battling weight when retiring is something a lot of folks, men in particular, seem to have trouble with.

  10. Joan,

    If you would reference this story on your blog, that would be fabulous. But, put in all the caveats you want. It sounds almost too good to be true.

    He is not the only one I am aware of. The neighbor referred to in the post had a similar healing effect. My son-in-law's mother is now using it for a back problem.

    I can state quite clearly that if I developed any similar pain, I would be wearing these patches the next day!

    My son-in-law's problems actually started while he was in the Navy. Without getting into any details, let's just say the various operations and treatments to fix the problems may have made them much worse.

    And, yes, our diets go a long way toward making health issues much worse.

  11. Bob, I take it this was injury related and not fibro? I'll research this a bit re my sever knee issue. I'm always open to holistic treatments and in fact my daugher is a holistic nutritionist.

  12. Barb,

    Yes it was injury related. A knee operation went bad and that affected his hips and back by throwing everything out of alignment and muscles out of whack. Chiro and P.T. only made it worse.

    From what I gather the system works on the muscles and allows for natural healing.

  13. Another vote for no knee replacement, lol..thats my nightmare scenario

  14. I'm not at all sure that homeopathic pain patches don't do more for the mind than the body, more power to him if they work for your son-in-law. I snickered at my reiki-master friend until she offered to try to help me during a nasty bout of sciatica. I don't know and don't particularly care how it worked, but whatever makes the pain go away is OK by me. No more snickering from here.

  15. TO Jean,

    I would have said the same thing until I saw it happen. Maybe it is just a placebo that tricks the mind. Now, I don't believe that.

    It is like the Kinesio tape my wife uses for sore muscles. I don't know what makes it work so well, but that tape allows her to heal much more quickly.

    I agree with you...whatever works. I don't have to know how, I'll just use it.

  16. Great stuff. An inspiring true life story. Best wishes.

  17. Rick,

    Yes, it really speaks volumes about K's desire to find a solution for him and his family. Sometimes the answer to a problem is where we least expect to find it.

  18. Hello All

    My name is Keith and I am the son-in-law. I will say again that these crazy patches area amazing. Homeopathic enzymes in the patches work directly with the enzymes already in our bodies, allowing the body to work properly by reducing inflammation, reducing stress, improve sleep cycles and increase energy.

    I sincerely doubt this is all in the mind or a placebo effect because I wanted to feel better long before trying these patches. I tried several other treatments that claimed instant relief that this did. This is the only treatment that has stacked.

    I have also seen these patches work and family members, friends, and complete strangers. Migraines gone in front of my eyes. Parkinson's symptoms reduced in front of my eyes. Fibromyalgia pain becomes difficult to find right in front of my eyes. TMJ pain gone in front of my eyes. I have not only felt them work, I have seen them work. In all fairness I have seen them not work as well.

    The best way to learn about the patches is to try them. If you live in Phoenix, AZ you can check out for information regarding two weekly clinics in the valley. I also invite anyone who wants to talk to me directly to feel free to contact me through the link that Bob provided in the original post.

  19. I asked Keith to add his comments to this post since he is the subject. I hope his experience helps you find an answer, or at the least, realize there are alternatives to the standard answers.

    Thanks, Keith.