June 10, 2011

Retirement financial blogs

Regular readers know I don't spend a lot of time blogging about specific financial advice. There are hundreds of blogs written by folks much better schooled than I am in that area of building a Satisfying Retirement. I do offer some basic financial suggestions: live beneath your means, know what your credit cards are costing, don't buy depreciating assets with home equity money, and by all means have a budget. Beyond that I prefer to leave specific financial suggestions to others. Instead I try to write about a wide variety of subjects that may affect your life after work.

That being said, financial discipline and knowledge are very important to the quality of your retirement lifestyle. I have searched  the Internet looking for some solid financial blogs I can suggest if you are interested. Here are a handful:

The Retirement Blog.  The authors of this site appear to have excellent credentials. The posts are written in a clear, straightforward manner with a solid list of topics and questions covered. There are links to a site that sells financial advice and planning, but this blog is clear of any advertising or heavy-handed selling. This is a good place to start for a solid overview of many topics.

Fivecentnickel.com leans toward the practical, day-to-day financial advice that helps you cut expenses. "45 way to cut your grocery bill" or " Four types of life Insurance that are a complete waste of money" are typical. The list of topics covered is quite extensive. Within each topic are a dozen or more specific suggestions. The site has a lot of advertising  but it can be ignored as you read the material.  The posts are easy to understand but a few I sampled struck me as overly simplistic.

Planning to Retire  This is the section of the web site of US News & World Report dedicated to retirement. This is not the place to come for detailed specifics. The articles are on the basic side but offer a solid overview. I visit on a regular basis to see what trends and topics are resonating with people.

Best of the Money Carnival features the top 10 money articles each week gathered from all over the Internet. As you might imagine the topics covered are quite broad. I found a lot to like here.

MoneyChimp is actually quite a serious site with a funny name. It includes heavy duty articles on stock market randomness, how to read an annual report , and the components of the GDP. Just underneath the header click on Calculator for  a list of every conceivable financial calculator you may need.

Smart Money Part of the Wall Street Journal, this web site is the companion to the print magazine. Several notches above Money magazine in depth and seriousness of information, Smart Money is worth a regular visit. Articles range from the obvious to the important.

Stock Picks Bob's Advice. Not me, a different Bob. He picks a stock, often invests his own money, and tells you why he chose it and how it is doing. Although a self-professed amateur, his analysis is quite technical and detailed.

Trading Goddess. It doesn't take long to learn that the number of female investment advisors is quite limited.  This site obviously plays on that fact, but does so with a solid collection of analysis, calculators, and news updates. The author is fanatical about details.

In closing I will echo the comments made in the post of a few days ago. The sites I've listed above can be helpful to you, but shouldn't replace your own research, thoughts, and needs. When your money is involved, you have the final say.

Question: Do you find posts like this that contain links to other sites helpful? Usually I write about something from a more personal point of view, but occasionally offer a strictly informational post. I'd appreciate your feedback on this approach. Also, I'd appreciate your feedback on any of the sites listed above that you visited.

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  1. Yeah, I love it when I get a chance to look at a new (and recommended) blog. I don't always glom onto it, but it gives me a bigger perspective of what is out there. Thanks.

  2. Hi Steve,

    One of the greatest joys about jumping around the web is finding new, valuable sites. If nothing else they make you think!

  3. This is very helpful. I can always use more information when it comes to money in retirement.

  4. Donna,

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm never sure if this informational type post is what folks expect from this blog.

  5. From that other Bob, thank you for your kind words about my website Stock Picks Bob's Advice. It is always appreciated when a fellow blogger gives you a compliment and I would just like to express my appreciation to you!

  6. Hi Bob,

    You are quite welcome. I enjoy finding someone who is good at what he does...and you qualify.

  7. I like these posts---but then I like most all of your posts. The addition of information from a variety of blogs helps me with a few of my decisions financially. Mostly they simply pat me on the back emotionally.

  8. Hi Janette,

    Thanks for the feedback. I enjoy "collecting" interesting links, especially if they offer some value.

  9. A straight and purposive content. Only few sites can really manage to create interesting post such as yours. Glad I had the chance to visit your site. Keep writing.
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    Now I am working from home selling import export goods online, mostly digital items and gifts for this upcoming Christmas. My profits have been looking great and I was able to pay off my mortgage also. Everyone can do this, work from home and earn big profits online. The question is HOW and WHERE to find info.

  11. Bill,

    Finding the right path to financial independence involves being open to new ideas and possibilities. You have found something that works for you. Thanks for sharing!


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