May 27, 2011

Summer Kickoff: Enjoy!

Memorial Day weekend is considered by most to be the start of the summer season. Our family will have big brunch and family day here at the house on Monday. With a father and son-in-law who served in the Navy for several years we will also pause to honor our service men and women.

To help get you in the mood for this weekend, I've assembled a bunch of summertime hits from Youtube. Turn up your speakers on the computer or iPad and get in the mood. I'll probably get a bit more serious with the next post on Tuesday. Have a great weekend.

and finally, believe it or not, this is ranked as the #1 song for the entire 1960's decade on many charts, topping anything by the Beatles or any other musical acts of that decade.

There you go...the summer of 2011 is officially underway. What songs do you associate with summer and good times? Leave a list and I'll do part two for July 4th weekend.


  1. Ok, only got through the Beach Boys so far, but what year was it that we switched from lip syncing to actually singing on tv (with a few exceptions of course.) I'm thinking you are qualified to opine on this one!

  2. Happy holiday weekend, Syd,

    That's a good question. Most performances in the early days of rock were lip synced when on television. All artists on shows like Dick Clark's American Bandstand or Shindig were just pretending to sing.

    One notable exception was Ed Sullivan. All artists on his show, including the Beatles in 1964, were actually required to sing.

    Lip syncing continued when artists were unable to copy the sound produced in studios. That started to change when electronics caught up with what the artists were used to producing.

    After disasters like Milli Vanilli and Britney Spears lip syncing performances, most artists began to insist on actually singing on TV.

    Of the clips above Sly and the Family Stone and the Who at Woodstock were live.

  3. Bob, I love Nat King Cole and Grease, but I also love disco, like "The Double Dutch Bus," and now my 17-year-old introduced me to LMFAO, and I think they're great, as well as their videos. Here's one of them:
    I love techno and dancing to this kind of music. I might be crazy, but I'm also Gutsy.

  4. Hi Sonia,

    I checked out the LMFAO video....certainly gets your feet moving. Even better is that your 17 year old shares with Mom..that's great.

    Because of my radio experience I'm a 60's,70's, and 80's pop hits and classic rocker fan. Everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd and Queen. I also liked most disco for the few years it was popular.

    Loving techno does mean you are officially gutsy.

  5. "A Summer Place" vs "Summer in the City"; the greatest generation and the baby boomer generation coinhabit during the 60’s -- a decade considered by some to be a morally destructive era. But the dances were fun, fun, fun


  6. Bob,
    That was enough music to fill the entire weekend. I have to thank you for the summer place theme. It had completely slipped my mind. It is very much a part of the 60's but all the same not. It's like we operated on two tracks. Or maybe that's just my problem.

  7. And about the new look. You are definitely a moving target for anybody trying to follow your lead.

  8. @Qwkdrw,

    The music period from 1960 until the "British Invasion" was quite interesting. The pop singers and instrumentalists from the 50's were fighting for chart space with the girl groups and the new male teen idols (Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon).

    A more homogenized sound took over from 1964-1969 when bands ruled. It was a decade when Frank Sinatra, the Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin all had hits.


    The look evolves while I struggle a bit with the blog's focus and direction.

    Yes, Percy Faith was #1 for 9 weeks, just as long as Hey Jude was on top. The 9 years between those two songs marked a total upheaval in not only music, but society.