February 28, 2011

Fresh Links...Retirement Planning & Successful Transition

To start off the week, and celebrate the availability of my first e-book on building your Satisfying Retirement, here are web sites and blogs on the topics of preparing for the transition to retirement and making the most of your opportunities. I've included links to articles about financial planning, health care, creativity, relationships, the growing importance of social media, and finding a hobby. I hope you find some information that is useful to you.

The Transition to Retirement
Almost a year old but still every bit as relevant, Kaye deals with the emotional side of retirement.

Retiring Soon? Make a Detailed Checklist
A checklist that starts 5 years before retirement and walk through each important decision as you get closer. There are 8 pages-be sure to click through all of them. Written by a financial person so be aware of a particular point of view. Still good info.

Deciding To Move Into a Retirement Community
An excellent overview of the decisions and questions involved in deciding to move into a continuing care community.

Determine Your Retirement Readiness
Another financial adviser with 10 solid questions to ask yourself before and during retirement.

67 is The New 55
This article looks at the economic effects of increased longevity on the world's economies and what it might mean to benefits and the "official" retirement age.

 Finding a hobby
Finding things to stay busy and involved is very important to a satisfying retirement. This article lists several ideas for hobbies and activities with excellent follow up links for each.

Tips for a Happy Retirement
Simple steps to make sure your retirement is satisfying and enjoyable.

Overcoming Retirement Challenges
A dozen challenges you may face during retirement, and common approaches to handle each one.

Social Networking Among Seniors
Facebook, Twitter, and the like are here to stay. Seniors are in the forefront of new users. Why? This article gives excellent insight into this phenomenon.

3 Big Financial Mistakes
There are actually more than 3 topics addressed. Worth the read.

Rekindling the Creative Spark as You Age
Stimulating article about finding that spark that ignites your passion and creativity. Both are crucial elements to a happy lifestyle in retirement.

Big Buck Needed for Health Costs After Retirement
Even with great insurance, a typical senior pays over $200,000 in health care costs after the age of 65. Scary. Open your eyes with this article.

Recession Proof Your Retirement Savings
One of my favorite bloggers, Retired Syd, wrote this for U.S.News.com. She includes a few links to other places that you might find helpful.

My Retirement Blog
A financial blog, I found the posts on the future of Social Security and when to switch financial advisor's worth the read.

Important news: "Building a Satisfying Retirement- How to Make the Most of This New Phase of Your Life" e-book is now available. Send an e-mail to satisfyingretirement with "Free Book" in the subject line for your copy. There is no cost or obligation.

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