January 14, 2011

Travel and Vacation Links: Plan Your Getaway

We are one month into what has been a rough winter for many. Spring still seems a lifetime away. Even here in the desert southwest we've had a wet and cold season that can't end soon enough for me. So, this link post concentrates on great sites to help you plan a trip or vacation. Just thinking about a getaway can make the winter blahs more bearable.

Here are links to sites designed to ignite your travel bug, to get you ready to plan and pack, and hit the road, airport, boat dock, or hiking trail. I have avoided listing the common, big names like Expedia or Priceline. Instead these are sites you may be less familiar with.  Either I have personal experience with the site or it looked interesting enough to list.

I have not included any site that requires you to register or leave an e-mail address. Also, not on the list are sites overwhelmed with pop up ads and other distractions. Fodor's has more ads than any other site, but the information is worth the minor inconveniences of closing the pop ups, so I made an exception.

http://www.tripadvisor.com/   The best part of this site is the section of reviews written by travelers. There are links for booking all parts of your travel and a tab for ideas on where to go, but the feedback from people is the reason I have used this site several times. I have found the reviews accurate and very helpful.

http://www.bootsnall.com/ A full-featured site with a focus on independent travel. If you prefer to not travel as part of a group, check this one out.

http://www.planetware.com/ This site specializes in foreign travel information. While the U.S. and Canada are included, I'd come here if South America, Asia, or Europe interested me. There is a great collection of photos and detailed walking and hiking information.

http://www.fodors.com/ My biggest complaint is with the number of pop up advertisements. At times it becomes a real challenge to navigate from page to page. If you can stand the interruptions, Fodor's is the gold standard of travel and lodging information.

http://www.roadtripamerica.com/ This one really caught my eye. It features routes, planning, and ideas for a road trip anywhere in North America. There are interactive maps and enough information to keep you motoring for weeks.

Roadtrippers. Probably the best place to visit if you are hankering for a road trip. Everything is designed for those who want to get behind the wheel and go. The travel guides are tremendous.

Iglu cruises - Family cruises A site that offers information on cruises anywhere in the world. This would be a great place to start if you are ready to experience the joys of cruising from family friendly operators.

Itineree  Plan everything at one site. Type in where you want to go, then choose from travel arrangements and things to do.

Trip Hobo Want to have a suggested itinerary for your vacation? This is the place. These folks will build a vacation around your preferences and likes.

First Choice Based in the U.K., First Choice offers a full range of vacation and travel options and accommodations, based on budget and your interests. 


  1. Bob- hope ya dont mind, but I have a few I can add
    http://www.roundamerica.com/ :round America. Bill and Barbara travled 25,000 miles and went to fifty states on two lane roads in one trip>>

    road trip usa: http://www.roadtripusa.com/ also a book, which is my bible

    Blount small ship adventures: http://blountsmallshipadventures.com/-these people do us cruises. My goal is to take the one from Jacksonville to charleston.

  2. Not only don't I mind, I encourage contributions! The sites you mentioned sound fascinating. Thanks, Barb.

  3. Hi Bob! I definitely need to "ignite your travel bug." I love to travel but we haven't really had the opportunity to travel lately. I miss it and I think we're about due for a vacation.
    Thanks for the wonderful links. They'll be very helpful. Loving blessings!

  4. Just the other day someone mentioned that if it snowed anymore there would be no place to put it all. And at the rate it's snowing this year that's almost not an exaggeration. Travel sites - Bob, you couldn't be more timely. Thanks!

    My choice for your next link post - simplicity living is always interesting - I say interesting because my mind says that would be the way to go but somehow I never get there.

  5. Andrea,

    You live in a beautiful city. But vacations are more about a routine change than the view. I give you permission to plan and go.


    It has been very snowy in large parts of the country. When I lived in Iowa the snow was so deep we couldn't find our mailbox for 3 months.

    Your vote for the next link post is duly noted.

  6. Bob,
    You really hit a home run with me today. Those are great resources and ones that would take me days to find even if I devoted full time. Information is really key to unlocking those dreams and many people just sit around dreaming rather than acting because they don't know where to look. I have to bookmark this page for future reference.

  7. Ralph,

    I'm glad you found the sites on target. It is fun to find the ones that aren't on most peoples' radar. I actually found several more that I'll list the next time travel is the theme.