January 1, 2011

A Thank You Letter to 2010

I've heard of bloggers who write a letter to the year just ended. I like the idea. It seems an interesting way to take a brief look back and consider what the last 365 days have been like. Also, I like the feeling of clearing the decks for what is to come.

Dear 2010,

You will be a year I would't soon forget. There has been some heartache and incredible joy. There has been the finding of a new passion. There has been an apparent slow ending to the economic nightmare of the last few years. You have kept me energized. You have allowed me to stay healthy. You are set to kick me, full throttle, into 2011.

This was the year my Mom died and my Dad started a new life, alone, for the first time in 63 years. The slow decline and the final month of her life were tough to watch. But, with the incredible blessing of the folks from Hospice of the Valley, the medical people at various Banner hospitals around town, the loving care of the nursing care facility at Friendship Village, and my faith in God, I am moving forward. The holidays will always be marked by her passing just a few weeks before Christmas. But, her life was full and loving. We celebrate her life, not her passing this year. Thank you, 2010,  for the memories.

Grandchild #3 became reality in late June. Kassidy, with grins and giggles, has made our growing and loving family sparkle with her personality and joy. Her brother, Josh, and sister, Kaylee, are quite possibly the brightest, cutest children on the plant at this moment. Your timing, 2010, was perfect.

This blog was born on June 23rd. I haven't looked back since. I have absolutely no idea where it is going to go and what it may become, but starting it made the second half of 2010 a real kick. I appreciate it.

The financial ship of state is slowly righting itself. Our nest egg is almost back to its original size. Of course, I lost 2 years of appreciation. But, we'll be fine and it certainly could have been much, much worse (as it was for far too many). So, 2010, thanks for allowing my family, our country, and most of the rest of the world to survive the mess that just about wrecked us all.

All things considered, you have been a very good year. Thank you 2010. Please ask your brand new new little brother, 2011, to be just as nice.

Your friend,


Have a great rest of the New Year's weekend. The first post of 2011 is about Retirement and Sex.  That should get your attention. Look for it Monday morning.


  1. Best wishes for an even better 2011. May you surpass all your ambitious goals.

  2. Thanks, for the well wishes, Ralph. I'll need all the support I can get to rack up those goals.