November 25, 2010

Play it Again, Sam

Do you like movies? Is your idea of a great night at home a favorite flick and a bowl of popcorn? Are there certain movies you can watch again and again? I have dozens but here is my short list to get you thinking about some of your favorites. The holidays are here. What better time for a great movie !

 Casablanca. I am immediately transported to a time of mystery, romance and elegance. I want to find a club with a piano and the last plane leaving soon. Humphrey and Ingrid are the perfect couple in the perfect movie. And, who doesn't love the French Captain, playing both sides against each other. This is one of those movies I can only watch in its original black and white.

Blazing Saddles. A camp fire and baked beans, a hangman with a limp, a Governor with a slimy sidekick, and, oh my, a black sheriff. Mel Brooks makes it all happen with his wicked sense of the absurd. Rather cutting edge for its time.

French Kiss. Paris and love. A scoundrel with a heart of gold. A man, a woman, and a dream. No matter how many times I see this, I get misty when Kevin Kline sits next to Meg Ryan on the plane in the last scene.

Singing in the Rain. I'm still not sure how Donald O'Connor can pull off the dance moves he does. Gene Kelly and Debby Reynolds are actually believable as a couple, even though there is a 20 year difference in their ages. Gene makes rain and getting wet the height of romance.

Wizard of Oz. The transition from black and white to color when Dorothy arrives in Oz is still stunning after all these years of technical advances. The Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Man are simply lovable. If you have ever been separated from your family, the story must touch you. After all, don't we all want to go home again, even if it is Kansas?

 Mary Poppins. This brings back tremendous memories of family nights when the kids were growing up. Singing all the songs, watching Dick Van Dyke do a chalk drawing and a bad English accent, or the proper English Dad getting so frustrated over his kids, while loving them to death. This was the perfect family film at our house.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. After seeing this I grew a mustache and have never shaved it off. The first of the successful "buddy films" this made Robert Redford a star. The shootout in Bolivia still brings chills, as does Katharine Ross, but for entirely different reasons.

The Quiet Man. I have been to the tiny Irish village of Kong, where much of this movie was filmed. It is every bit as quaint and beautiful as it looks on film. Seeing it takes me back to a simpler time when "men were men and women were glad of it." I always refer to a hike as just a "good stretch of the legs." This is proof John Wayne could do much more than ride a horse.

Get Shorty. I'm not sure why this is one of the movies I can see over and over. Maybe it is John Travolta playing a bad guy who so desperately wants to be good. Maybe it is Danny DeVito driving the "Cadillac of Minivans." It certainly has something to do with Gene Hackman absolutely nailing the part of a second-rate producer in over his head.

Avatar. The story has been told many times before. The characters aren't very memorable. But, seeing this in 3D changed the way I will look at movies forever. The colors, the absolute breathtaking visuals, and the majesty of a magical world takes me away. The film technique is so advanced that even in regular DVD, and especially BluRay, the picture leaps off a 2 dimensional screen like no other movie I have seen.

Those are 10 movies I can watch again and again. Now it is your turn. What movies are on your list and why? Leave your comment and maybe I'll just discover a flick I need to re-watch. Go ahead and give my choices a thumbs up or down. I can take it. Go ahead....Make my day.

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  1. Me .....
    Field of Dreams
    Its a Wonderful Life
    My Cousin Vinny
    Rush Hour
    Bourne Identity/Bourne Ultimatum

    My wife ....
    Pretty Woman
    Dan in Real Life

  2. Hi J,

    Gladiator & It's a Wonderful Life listed back-to-back. Probably the only time those two movies appear so close to each other!

    "Dan in Real Life" is one I'm aware of but have never seen. Netflix has it so it will go onto my list.

    Thanks, J. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

  3. We are movie addicts. Current list:
    Quigly Down Under
    John Wayne movies
    Star Trek
    White Christmas
    Wonderful Life
    The Other Boleyn
    Oh - so many others. We keep Netflix in business! Just bought a Blue Ray with WiFi/Netflix!Shhhh! Don't tell my husband.

  4. Isn't Netflix the greatest! I love Pandora radio, too on my Blu-ray. I've built at least a dozen different stations to choose from depending on my mood.

    Thanks, for sharing Janette. I can watch White Christmas and actually miss snow!

  5. Casablanca, It's A Wonderful Life, Finding Nemo, White Christmas, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, JFK, Jaws

  6. Thanks, Steve for putting these on Twitter. The music of Jaws can still grab you after all these years.

  7. Star Wars
    A night at the Opera

  8. Hi Bob! You just hit on my favorite activity: movie and popcorn. I own French Kiss and I've watched many times. I'm sucker for romantic comedies. I've watched many over and over again such as Maid in Manhattan, Just Like Heaven, and The Wedding Planner among many. I like light and breeze movies to relax.
    Thanks for the suggestions. Loving blessings!

  9. The Marx Brothers, Night at the Opera.....Yes! Great flick.

  10. Andrea,

    I could watch French Kiss once a week and still enjoy it. I really enjoy the French songs, too.

    Have a great weekend, Andrea.

  11. Adventure, romance, and comedy...

    The Last Samurai
    Somewhere in Time
    Hanover Street
    The Eye of the Needle
    The Bridge Over the River Kwai
    Kelly's Heroes

  12. Hi C,

    Some interesting choices. I'm not familiar with Hanover Street or Eye of the Needle. I'll check them out and give them a look. Thanks for adding to our growing list.

  13. Airplane and Princess Bride.....our family quotes them every day.....Keith

  14. "I picked a terrible day to give up sniffing glue"...Airplane. Great Choice. And, Princess Bride "Marriage, it's what brings us"

    Thanks, Keith.

  15. The movie that I believe I can watch an infinite number of times is Jaws. So many tense moments along the way, lots of jump-out-of-your-seat shockers, great characters and just plain fun. As a matter of a fact, if it rains a bit today, I may just have to dig that baby up!

  16. The original Jaws was great, but I remember the sequels being quite lame.

    Stay dry today, Dave, and enjoy. It is quite cold today here (upper 50's) so I'm staying inside by a fire with a good book and getting tomorrow's new new post ready!

  17. Little Big Man is one of my favourites, surprised it wasn't already included here.


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