October 27, 2010

Retirement Blogs You Might Enjoy - In Addition to This One !

One thing I have learned in my first 4 months of blogging is that most bloggers are friendly and very willing to share. It is a community of people who enjoy what they do and are glad to help others discover what they have learned.  Since this blog focuses on helping readers build a satisfying retirement experience, I spend a fair amount of time reading what fellow bloggers in the retirement area are writing about.

Listed here are 9 blogs that I have found to be entertaining and well-done. Each has a slightly different slant and writing style. Each is visited by me at least once a week, usually much more often. I have provided a summary after each to help you decide if you think that site might interest you.

There are probably hundreds of other blog about retirement that I am unaware of. If you have a favorite I haven't listed I'd love to know about it. Leave a comment below or e-mail me and I'll take a look.

I did find some blogs that looked quite promising, but the content hadn't been updated in months, and in one case, two years. If the writer isn't dedicated to keeping his or her material fresh, they aren't on this list.

Retirement: A Full Time Job
This was the first retirement blog I discovered. The writer, Sydney, was the first blogger to respond to my new site and give me encouragement. She was also responsible for a lot of my early readers by giving me a guest post and lots of links from her site to mine. While she is now posting less frequently due to a new part-time job, I enjoy her take on issues. She covers a full range of topics. Her training is as a CPA, so many posts tend to be a bit more financial in nature, but in an easy-to-grasp approach. Anyone who can label a post "Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Big"  is someone I want to read.

Retirement - Only the Beginning
The writer, Dave, is not actually retired yet. In his early 50's, I believe his hope is to retire sometime in the next few years. So, he is looking at the whole spectrum of issues from a still-not-quite-there perspective. As he says, " I started to help myself and others approaching retirement to identify, understand and better prepare for the myriad of issues that impact retiring." His writing style is personal and open. His insight is first rate. Like Sydney, he has become a blogging friend who is supportive and helpful.

Adventure Retirement
Bill Birnbaum is a fascinating man. He has lived a retirement life that many would envy. He and his wife put all their possessions in storage and took off to help in a poor community in the Peruvian Andes. Then, they traveled extensively throughout South America before settling in Oregon. There he teaches English part time, and spends his free time engaged in active sporting activities.

He has written a few books; the latest comes out early next year. In between all that he offers thoughtful pieces on adventure traveling and how and where to live during retirement. Bill is a great example of a person who is building a unique and satisfying retirement around his own interests and desires.

Being Retired
Dan retired at 43 just a few months ago. His blog is a personal record of his journey. Because he often mixes photos with his articles you quickly learn he loves to fish. In fact, he has another blog just for that subject, plus one on rebuilding an old Jeep. One of his categories is Rambling Monologues which describes his style perfectly. Dan writes about what he is thinking or feeling at the moment, and often relates it to his family. He doesn't pull many punches so after reading a few of his posts you feel as if you know this man.  

Joan's Boomer Blog.
Helping Boomers Find Wealth, Health and Happiness in the Second Half of Life is Joan's goal with this well-done blog. She blends personal observations and reactions with plenty of book reviews and links to other sites. Originally she focused on helping readers develop ways to make extra money. Now, she has broadened her focus to deal with issues like health or goal setting, or creating the life of your dreams.

The category list on the left side of the blog is like browsing through a fascinating library that invites you to pull up a chair and spend time sampling what she has listed. You will find lots of book reviews and even occasional video clips. Besides being a regular commenter on my blog, she finds time to maintain a very active blogging schedule.

Frugally Retired in Texas
I mentioned Barb's blog in my post of several week's ago on Simple Living. Since she really covers many subjects in her attempt to "Live Large on a Small Pension" her efforts deserve another listing. A recent post on "Making New Connections" was especially timely. Building new relationships in retirement is a major problem for any of us. Barb isn't afraid to tackle important issues, usually with an eye to decluttering and cutting back.

Retirement Advice On Line
Wendy's blog is really a large, one-stop, resource for all issues dealing with retirement. She offers an endless supply of links to almost any subject you can imagine. Often, she will pose a question or make a statement and then let readers' comments make up the bulk of the content. Look at the list down the left hand side of the home page and you're likely to find a topic that interests you.

These last 2 blogs are ones I have recently discovered and have just started reading on a regular basis, so my comments are briefer. But, that doesn't mean you should bypass them. Actually, I think you might find all sorts of hidden treasures here.

Our own Time
Chris writes about her personal journey toward retirement, complete with bumps, detours, and new discoveries. Sometimes the topics are serious, sometimes about finding pawpaws (I didn't know what they were either).

Retired Boomer in the Sunbelt
I'm not quite sure how to categorize this blog. Mike is a retired fellow living south of Tucson, AZ. He writes about John Lennon, motorcycles, hippies, tragedies in his past, and the welcome summer monsoon rains in the desert. I would describe reading this blog as reading the personal diary of a fellow I'd like to know better. 

Why am I spending time listing the "competition" and inviting you to leave my blog to go to theirs? Because bloggers are friends and we share. The better each of us is individually, the more likely new readers will spend time with all of us. I hope you will visit some of the sites I've listed.

In return I ask a favor: if you like their blog leave a nice comment for them, and then return here. I'll miss you while you are gone.


  1. Bob, Thanks so much for your kind comments about my blog! I am a regular reader of your blog and a few others on your list and a couple are new to me and I'll check them out.

    You're right that bloggers are a friendly group and it's nice writing for an audience that you get to know personally, exchanging comments and ideas.

    Thanks for the always entertaining posts!

  2. Joan, you are very welcome. I'm pleased I could steer you to a few new sites. If you have some favorites I have overlooked, be sure to let me know.

    Have a great day!

  3. Thank you again Bob for the recommendation. I track about 40ish "senior blogs" pretty much each day and I look for what you may have posted first thing. Many blogs have good information and data to share including recent studies and reviews. Your posts add a personal touch that goes far beyond just sharing information. I look forward to your unique interpretations and the true openness with which you approach each post. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Dave. Likewise, I enjoy your thoughtful take on whatever topic you choose. When an e-mail alert arrives, off I go to your site.

    By the way, with San Jose and the Coyotes fighting for last place, we have more to share than just a retirement blog...bad hockey teams!

  5. Thanks Bob for including me, the lately-lagging blogger. But I do intend to get back to it more actively, so I appreciate the encouragement!

    I can never get enough of this retirement-lifestyle content, so I appreciate the new (to me) recommendations.

    Hard to believe you've only been doing this for 4 months--you have written such a wealth of helpful content in such a short time!

  6. So very nice, Syd. Thank you. It has been a very busy 4 months, filled with a lot of trial and error.

    I look forward to your rejoining the "active" ranks again. It it all rather addictive isn't it.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I've read some of these and will check out others.

  8. Glad I could point to some blogs you might enjoy, Linda. I know several of the writers and they are quite welcoming to visitors!

  9. Bob. Your blog is excellent. Great content and writing. Concise. I appreciate you not casting the other blogs as "competition." I like the "both/and" rather than the "either/or" perspective. Reminds of communities with more than one hospital, church, youth center, shelter, etc. .... too often the organizations with the same charitable purpose view the others as "competition" rather than friends with common goodwill. Take care.

  10. Hey J,

    I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if you'd stop by and leave a comment, and here you are!

    I sincerely enjoy reading the other retirement blogs and exchanging comments and ideas with people who are becoming cyber-friends (is there such a thing?.

    And, I love writing something that moves someone else to read it and leave a comment. Readers like you, J, make my day.

  11. Hi Bob! Thanks for sharing your treasured resources. Ít's always good to explore new blogs specially when they come with such good references. :)
    I appreciate you always sharing good tools with us. Loving blessings!

  12. Thanks, Andrea, for the kind words. Sharing the good in the world is what it is all about.

    I've found so many interesting blog links on your site, turnabout is fair play. Have a blessed day.

  13. Hey, Bob... Thank you so much for your kind words about me. I really appreciate that. Best wishes, Bill

  14. You are very welcome, Bill. I'm looking forward to the release of your new book. Sounds like a great read.

  15. Thanks for finding me on Twitter. I am fascinated by your blog and the links you've helped us with. I shall take a look at the Adventure Blog as my husband and I lived in Belize for a year with our kids, and now that our youngest is 16, and chose to go to military school in New Mexico, we're ready to move on. We're in southern California, bought a house in Naples, FL, haven't been able to sell CA house yet. I lived in Africa and Europe until age 25, and now want to join the Peace Corps or something similar. I shall follow your blog. Thanks again.

  16. This is an excellent way to build a community of people living their own retirement lifestyle. I'm always looking for inspiration and encouragement, especially when fortune seems to be smiling on somebody else and I hope that I can reciprocate.

  17. Thanks, Ralph. Encouragement and inspiration seem to be in short supply in much of the world today. Bloggers are the exception, always willing to share and help.

  18. GutsyWriter,

    Thanks for finding the blog and your kind words. Yes, Bill's Adventure blog is one you may really enjoy based on your fascinating past and plans for the future.


  19. My husband and I are one of the many boomers who were unexpectedly retired because of the economy. We are "going with the flow" and making things work in a different direction...fixing up a new lake house (maybe to sell??), traveling, loving our grown kids and spending A LOT of time together. It's an adjustment but we're determined to make it a good one. Maybe my blog appeals more to women...I'm not sure. I'm at RetirementRainbow.blogspot.com Come visit!

  20. I couldn't find your name on your blog, so I'll just say, Welcome! I love the photos on your site. I'd like a ride on the boat!

    Best of luck to your husband and you as you become another in a long line of "Economy-forced Retirees." Based on the list of projects I imagine you are quite busy.

    Readers: check out this new blog by clicking on the red link above.


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