August 27, 2010

Helping Your Retirement ...Here's How

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post for Retired Syd's excellent blog, Retirement: A Full-Time Job. It dealt with the benefits of volunteering. In a new posting Sydney takes that article one step further and looks at the financial implications of volunteering during your free time.

She has graciously included a link to my original guest post. If you haven't read it before, I ask that you click on the link at her site and look at the 5 Important Reasons to Volunteer. Then, continue on to Syd's article for US News & World Report, How to Help Your Retirement by Helping Charity. She provides detailed suggestions on how you can benefit charities while helping yourself from a tax standpoint. Great stuff.

One of the nicest surprises about blogging is meeting all sorts of new people who become friends. Sydney is one of those very nice surprises. Pay her a visit and enjoy.


  1. How do you do?
    I am 31 years old woman and I live in Venezuela, Santa Rosa. My interests it is a family and spiritual self-improvement. For a long time dreamed to make international friends

  2. Welcome to my blog. I think you may be my first visitor from Venezuela. On the right hand side of this page is a list of various posts I have written. You might find some that interest you if you click on the Family and Relationship headings under Categories of Posts.

    Please come back often.


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