July 9, 2010

On-Line Courses Part Two: TED

If you haven't discovered TED yet you are in for a treat. TED is short for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It is a an Internet site with video talks by some of the most fascinating, interesting, riveting people in the world.

Founded over 25 years ago, TED has blossomed into a world-wide phenomenon. Based on the premise that ideas can change the world, presenters have up to 18 minutes to promote a cause, explain a thought or concept, entertain through all sorts of musical styles, or simply leave you in awe over the beauty of our world.

While some of the presenters are famous (Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bono, James Cameron, Natalie Merchant, and Bill Gates), most are not well-known outside their speciality. But, that what makes TED an even greater adventure. You are exposed to people from all over the world, talking about subjects you might not even know exit. You can't help but leave a visit to the TED website stimulated to learn more about a speaker or the subject.

The list of topics covered is expansive.  Click on the TED website link above and then look at what is listed down the left hand side. Want a choice of talks that are persuasive, or ingenious, or funny, or beautiful? How about outrageous or inspiring? Pick one, click on one of the photos that appears and you are off to the races. Everything is free and plays without extra software downloads.

New videos are added on a regular basis, but so much already exists it would take you months and months to explore it all. As you can tell I am a TED fan. It is one of the shining beacons on the Internet and should be part of your satisfying retirement lifestyle.

After you have sampled a video or two on TED please leave a comment here. There are so many options I am sure it would find it helpful to learn what you liked (or didn't).

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