December 31, 2010

Retirement Financial Links: Click and Learn

This post is a collection of links to specific articles on other blogs or web sites that I hope you will find helpful or useful.The focus is on finance and financial planning. I have found some sites I think are worth your clicking:

Finally, I saw an absolutely terrifying story from the Associated Press. It details the almost complete lack of retirement preparedness among far too many Baby Boomers. The statistics are enough to make you doubt your own sanity. Here is the link to the story. It should be a must read for everyone.

I am not specifically endorsing any particular advice these sites offer. But, I found the information interesting and in some cases, eye-opening. If you choose to visit some or all of these links I ask you provide some feedback here to let us know what you thought. Feel free to praise or criticize.

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  1. I look forward to checking out these resources. Thanks. Here's another site that I find valuable ...

    I didn't find the link to the AP story .... did I overlook it or was it not pasted in?

  2. Morning J,

    The AP story is available by clicking the red wording "link to the story." I just tried it and it works.

    Thanks for the coffeehouseinvestor site. I'll take a look today.

  3. Enjoyed the AP story. Half of my sibs are ready for retirement- the two who aren't have always "lived for today". I would say there are many more stories out there about how we are not prepared- than how we are. Bad news sells papers. That is why I like your site- lots of tips on making the good news better.
    My great aunt and uncle lived in a lovely trailer home in California for thirty years after they retired. It was a great community. When they traveled, they had neighbors watch the dog and didn't worry about things at home. That is my real image of retirement....

  4. Yes, Janette, I'm afraid the AP story is just a small glimpse into a serious problem for us all. Even those properly prepared for retirement will have some burdens to help support those who are not.

    Living with friends and few worries...a great goal for us all.

    Happy New Year !

  5. I read an article this am that said 10,000 boomers a day will reach age 65 starting today, Jan 1. I'd say we'd better be prepared because things like Medicare just can't cope with the influx of people.

    My husband and I are on Tricare as he is retired Navy. Already we have trouble finding doctors who take this insurance, which pays the same rate as Medicare. Doctors and places like nursing homes limit the number of medicare patients they will take and save the room for those whose insurance pays more.

    Thanks for all the links! I passed them on to my husband too.

    And Happy New Year!

  6. Happy new year, Joan!

    My son-in-law and family were covered by Tricare while he was Navy. My daughter broke her foot and had a devil of a time finding a doctor to treat her. You are absolutely right that the medical issues are time bombs waiting to explode.

    I read the same 10,000/day figure. On the positive side, I view each of them as a potential reader of this blog. How's that for making lemonade out of lemons !

  7. Those are good resources. Starting out the year great.

  8. Have a great 2011, Ralph. I enjoy collecting helpful links. There are great resources available online (and a lot of garbage, too).

  9. Thanks Bob - love to run across a new financial sites. I've followed a few through the years and I'll definitely check out these. Have you read the Early Retirement Forum ( Great site of early retirees and early retiree wannabees.

  10. Morning, Kyshia,

    The Early Retirement Forum is a new one for me. I'll definitely check it out. Any other financial sites you could recommend be sure to pass them along.

  11. I have just finished helping my parents retire to Cypress Point in SC and they are so happy, they have also been able to find great medical care there as well. I hope they dont have the same problems others have encountered. Thanks for the heads up.